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Neil Young 1976-11-15 Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, IL

Rolling Zuma Revue

Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan, March 5, 1976
Chicago Auditorium, Chicago, IL, November 15, 1976
Liberated Lone Wolf bootleg
Excellent soundboard
CD 1:
1. Heart Of Gold
2. The Old Laughing Lady
3. Journey Through The Past
4. Too Far Gone
5. Give Me Strength
6. The Needle And The Damage Done
7. A Man Needs A Maid
8. Tell Me Why
9. Sugar Mountain
10. Mellow My Mind
11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
12. No One Seems To Know
13. Country Home
14. Don't Cry No Tears
15. Lotta Love
16. Like A Hurricane

CD 2:
1. Country Home
2. Don't Cry No Tears
3. Peace Of Mind
4. Lotta Love
5. Like A Hurricane
6. After The Gold Rush
7. Are You Ready For The Country
8. Down By The River
9. The Losing End
10. Drive Back
11. Southern Man
12. Cinnamon Girl
13. Cortez The Killer


Monday, October 12, 2015

Neil Young 2015-10-11 The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Neil Young
The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
w/ Promise Of The Real

Source: SP-CMC-8 > Edirol R-09 (16bit/44.1 Khz)
Transfer: wav > ProTools (cleanup, fades & tracking) > xACT 2.36 > flac(8)
Taper: AM
Transfer: zuma11

Length: 167:24

01. After The Gold Rush
02. Heart Of Gold
03. Old Man
04. Long May You Run
05. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
06. Out On The Weekend
07. Hold Back The Tears
08. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
09. Harvest Moon
10. Wolf Moon
11. Words
12. Burned
13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
14. September Song
15. A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
16. People Want To Hear About Love
17. Big Box
18. Monsanto Years
19. Cowgirl In The Sand
20. Workin' Man
21. Powderfinger
22. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
23. Love And Only Love
24. The Loner
25. Cinnamon Girl

Tour: 2015 Rebel Content Tour
Band: Promise Of The Real

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica
Lukas Nelson - electric guitar, vocals, lead vocals on September Song
Micah Nelson - electric guitar, electric charango, piano, vocals
Corey McCormick - bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo - drums
Tato Melgar - percussion


Neil Young 1976-11-15 Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois , Late Show

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois
Late Show, 

Boot CDs > EAC secure > wav > Flac Level 8

Disc One
01 Heart of Gold
02 The Old Laughing Lady & Guilty Train
03 Journey Through the Past
04 Too Far Gone
05 Give Me Strength
06 The Needle and the Damage Done
07 A Man Needs a Maid
08 Tell Me Why
09 Sugar Mountain

Disc Two
01 Country Home
02 Don't Cry No Tears
03 Peace of Mind
04 Lotta Love
05 Like a Hurricane
06 After the Goldrush
07 Are You Ready for the Country?

 Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
 Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
 Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
 Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

The "Joel Bernstein" 1976 soundboard collection I put up recently was very popular,
so here's another 1976 soundboard.
I haven't been at Dime too long, so I don't know if it was put up recently.
If you missed it before, it's definitely a keeper.
The sound is really superb.
I beleive this emerged among collectors as a commercial bootleg,
so I don't know the lineage, but it sounds like it could be straight from the master or very low-generation.
Supposedly several songs were performed after these, but they were not recorded.
This recording was taken from the "Chicago Hurricane" bootleg. There's a little sound dropout at 2:39 on Disc 1, Track 6, but it's after the song has ended. This was on my original.


Neil Young 1976-11-14 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wi

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Dane County Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin

Tour :    1976 US Tour with Crazy Horse

Band :    Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
    Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
    Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
    Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Audience Analog Master > Analog Copy > Audio Media 3 >
Protools > Peak > CD-R > EAC > Flac 8


As far as I know, only one recording of this show has ever surfaced.
Several years ago I met the taper who kindly offered to loan me his
master to copy. I have since transferred my 1st generation copy to
CD-R. This isn't a great sounding recording by any means. There is
considerable noise caused by the hand-held microphone being moved
around as well as the usual crowd noise. There is also a tape flip
in the middle of "like a Hurricane". This is doubly unfortunate
since this is the performance that Neil played a portion on the
piano. However, my copy is as good as anyone is ever going to hear
of this show.

CD 1

solo accoustic set
1. The Old Laughing Lady > Guilty Train    6:23           
2. Human Highway             3:13
3. Journey Through The Past         3:43
4. Pocahontas                 4:06
5. Too Far Gone             5:15
6. The Needle And The Damage Done     2:21
7. A Man Needs A Maid             4:43
8. No One Seems To Know         3:20
9. Sugar Mountain             7:00

w/ Crazy Horse
10. Cowgirl In The Sand         9:15
11. Don't Cry No Tears             2:50
12. Bite The Bullet             4:29

CD 2

1. Down By The River                10:18
2. Lotta Love                 5:40
3. Like A Hurricane (brief edit)       17:24   
4. After The Goldrush             3:57
5. Cinnamon Girl             4:11
6. encore break                4:46
7. Cortez The Killer             8:53
8. Drive Back                 4:46

Enjoy the show!

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KISS 1979-09-24 Milwaukee Arena Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Arena
Milwaukee, WI
September 24, 1979
Dynasty Tour

FLAC - Audience Recording
Grade: B

Here's Kiss in Milwaukee during the Dynasty tour. As is the case with many of the recordings from this tour,
it's not the best quality. Cuts off before final song "Rock and Roll All Nite"

Setlist (Incomplete):

Disc 1

King of the Night Time World
Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
Move On
Calling Dr. Love
New York Groove
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Christine Sixteen
2,000 Man/Ace Frehley Guitar Solo

Disc 2

Love Gun
God of Thunder/Peter Criss Drum Solo
Shout It Out Loud
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City


Rush 1980-06-17 The Apollo, Manchester, England

Rush - Manchester Et Nous
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 72:23, 44:06
Catalog: Mekon Records: MK001.002
Source: Audience
Date: June 17, 1980
Location: The Apollo, Manchester, England


01 - 2112   15:41
02 - Freewill   6:02
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog   5:39
04 - Xanadu   12:59
05 - The Spirit Of Radio   5:35
06 - Natural Science   8:41
07 - A Passage To Bangkok   4:45
08 - The Trees   4:55
09 - Cygnus X-1   8:08


01 - Hemispheres   14:37
02 - Closer To The Heart   3:24
03 - Beneath, Between And Behind   3:07
04 - Jacob's Ladder   7:33
05 - Working Man   3:15
06 - Finding My Way Intro   0:22
07 - Anthem   1:37
08 - Bastille Day   1:24
09 - In The Mood   2:36
10 - Drum Solo   6:10


Rush 1980-06-07 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

Rush 1980-06-07 Hammersmith Odeon, London, England

Sound Quality: B-
Time: Disc 1: 57:14
Disc 2: 66:59

Disc 1:
1. 2112 (14:55)
2. Freewill (5:55)
3. By-Tor & The Snow Dog (5:41)
4. Xanadu (12:07)
5. The Spirit Of Radio (5:50)
6. Natural Science (8:50)
7. A Passage To Bangkok (3:58)

Disc 2:
1. The Trees (5:03)
2. Cygnus X-1 (7:51)
3. Hemispheres (14:22)
4. Closer To The Heart (3:16)
5. Beneath, Between & Behind (2:39)
6. Jacob's Ladder (8:33)
7. Working Man (3:31)
8. Finding My Way / Anthem (1:56)
9. Bastille Day (1:25)
10. In The Mood (2:42)
11. Drum Solo (5:33)
12. La Villa Strangiato (10:08)


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real 2015-10-10 Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real
Santa Barbara Bowl,
Santa Barbara, CA
October 10, 2015

Source info:
AT943 cards(3-wire)>AT8538x>Naiant Tinybox(P48)>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>Flac

Taper: David Sell
Location: GA Floor DFC 60' from stage
Sound Quality: Excellent

Set list:

1. After the Gold Rush
02. My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
03. Helpless
04. Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)
05. Hold Back the Tears
06. Out on the Weekend
07. Human Highway
08. Unknown Legend
09. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
10. Wolf Moon
11. Words
12. Winterlong
13. Alabama
14. September Song
15. A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop
16. People Want to Hear About Love
17. Big Box
18. Monsanto Years
19. Down By the River
20. Time Fades Away
21. I Won't Quit
22. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
23. Love and Only Love
24. ~encore applause~
25. F*!#in' Up


My all-time Rock N Roll hero does a show on the beach with Willie's boys and it was SPECIAL beyond measure! We got to Santa Barbara early to grab some lunch, drove up a down Milpas a couple time when I spy this quaint Mexican restaurant and we found parking close. Not 10 minutes after we get tin line to order food when a black limo van pulls up across the street and in walks Neil and the band. I was literally eating lunch 10 feet from my hero! I got a chance to say hello and tell him about my first time seeing him in 1976, and how his music saved my life more than once. He smiled broadly, said thanks and shook my hand warmly. I was starstruck like a 13 year old kid.

The show was absolutely amazing to say the least, Promise of the Real are dedicated, suprememly talented musicians and everyone could tell they were thrilled to be playing with a legend like Neil Young. Neil was clearly inspired by and playing off and into the bands energy too. We had GA pit tickets and got there early to scope a centralized, sonically pure location. Now remember I was down there in the middle of it and there are a few woots and random talkers and laughers here and there, but doesn't distract from the enjoyment of the music. No editing done other than to hard limit the nearby clappers and a few close woots. It's raw and pure so crank it up. I got the entire 14+ minute version of F*!#in' Up on video and I'll post that on my YouTube page soon. I'm half tempted to cruise to Vegas tomorrow to see them again and blow off work on Monday.

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica
Lukas Nelson - electric guitar, vocals, lead vocals on September Song
Micah Nelson - electric guitar, electric charango, piano, vocals
Corey McCormick - bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo - drums
Tato Melgar - percussion

As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, and always support the artists' commercial endeavors.




KISS 2015-10-08 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

KISS 2015-10-08  Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

CD 1

Detroit Rock City
Psycho Circus
Creatures of the Night
I Love It Loud
War Machine
Do You Love Me?
Hell or Halelujah
Eric and Tommy Jam/ guitar solo
Dr. Love
Lick It Up
Bass solo

CD 2

God of Thunder
Cold Gin
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Loving You
Rock And Roll All Nite 


KISS 2015-10-09 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

Rod Laver Arena,

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Psycho Circus
04. Creatures of the Night
05. I Love It Loud
06. War Machine
07. Do You Love Me
08. Hell or Hallelujah with Guitar and Drum Solos
09. Calling Dr. Love
10. Lick It Up
11. Bass Solo + God of Thunder
12. Cold Gin
13. Love Gun
14. Black Diamond
15. Shandi + Shout It Out Loud
16. I Was Made for Lovin' You
17. Rock and Roll All Nite

Recorded using H4N Zoom recorded with internal mics.
Floor Gold G.A. section to the right of stage.
Track edits completed using Audacity.
Conversion to FLAC done with Traders Little helper.


KISS 2015-10-10 Allphones arena Sydney, Australia

Allphones arena Sydney, Australia
Recorded and mastered by Navigator

SP-CMC-8 (AT 943) > SP-SPSB-11 > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) > Adobe Audition 3 (with iZotope Ozone 4 mastering plug-in) > CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > HAT (align sector boundries, FLAC)


01. Intro
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Deuce
04. Psycho Circus
05. Creatures of the Night
06. I Love It Loud
07. War Machine
08. Do You Love Me
09. Hell or Hallelujah
10. Guitar and Drum Solos
11. Calling Dr. Love


12. Lick It Up
13. Bass Solo
14. God of Thunder
15. Cold Gin
16. Love Gun
17. Intro: Black Diamond
18. Black Diamond
19. Shandi
20. Shout It Out Loud
21. I Was Made for Lovin' You
22. Rock and Roll All Nite




Led Zeppelin 1969-06-12 Ecole Centrale, Chatenay-Malabry, France

Led Zeppelin This Is Jimmy Chatenay Malabry 1969-06-12
Led Zeppelin
This Is Jimmy (Boleskine House Records)
Ecole Centrale, Chatenay-Malabry, France, 1969-06-12

Source: "This Is Jimmy" Boleskine House Records 2 CD release - EAC - Trader's Little Helper

Taken from my original (silver) 2 CD. Scans of the card sleeve and two discs included.

This version is a remaster of this original torrent:

CD 1
01. Good Times Bad Times Intro
02. Communication Breakdown
03. I Can't Quit You Baby
04. Heartbreaker
05. Dazed And Confused
06. White Summer - Black Mountain Side

CD 2
01. Tuning
02. You Shook Me
03. Moby Dick
04. How Many More Times

The sound levels fluctuate on the original that was uploaded here on 1st March 2013, this is the first of three different versions from Tarantura.
The sound levels have been evened out and the few small clicks and pops removed, it sounds very good indeed.
Happy April Fool's Day!

Jules McTrainspotter


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Joe Bonamassa 2015-08-28 Humphreys by the Bay San Diego, CA

Joe Bonamassa
3 Kings Tour
Humphreys by the Bay
San Diego, CA
August 28, 2015

Source: Tascam IM2 microphone > Iphone > FiRe2 > Audacity > Trader's Little Helper
Recorded and transferred by Toddjun

01 See See Baby
02 Some Other Day, Some Other Time
03 Lonesome Whistle Blues
04 Sittin' on the Boat Dock
05 You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling
06 Going Down
07 I'll Play the Blues for You
08 I Get Evil
09 Breaking Up Somebody's Home
10 Angel of Mercy
11 talking
12 Cadillac Assembly Line
13 Oh Pretty Woman
14 Let the Good Times Roll
15 Never Make Your Move Too Soon
16 Ole Time Religion
17 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
18 Boogie Woogie Woman
19 Hummingbird
20 encore break
21 Hideaway
22 Born Under a Bad Sign
23 The Thrill is Gone

Recorded from the front row on the right of center

Joe Bonamassa: Guitar, Vocals
Anton Fig: Drums
Reese Wynans: Keyboards
Michael Rhodes: Bass
Kirk Fletcher: Guitar
Lee Thornburg: Trumpet
Paulie Cerra: Saxophone
Ron Dziubla: Saxophone
Mahalia Barnes: Background Vocals
Jade MacRae: Background Vocals
Juanita Tippins: Background Vocals

Support the Musicians and buy their merchandise.


Gov't Mule 2015-09-12 Late Night Blue Ridge Bowl Lockn' Festival Arrington, Virginia

Gov't Mule - Late Night
Blue Ridge Bowl
Lockn' Festival
Arrington, Virginia

Source: Schoeps CCM4V's>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 45' From Stage, 8' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man

Disc I

01 One Of These Days >
02 Fearless
03 Railroad Boy >
04 Beautifully Broken >
05 Lively Up Yourself
06 Whisper In Your Soul >
07 *Time To Confess

Disc II

01 Hunger Strike >
02 #Dear Mr. Fantasy >
03 Hunger Strike >
04 Dreams >
05 Rockin' Horse >
06 Scared To Live
07 Mule >
08 I've Been Workin' >
09 Superstition >
10 Mule
11 Warren Banter
12 People Are Strange >
13 When The Music's Over

* With Les Brers In A Minor Jam
# With Hey Jude Jam


Grateful Dead 1969-07-03 Reed's Ranch Colorado Springs, CO

Grateful Dead - July 3, 1969
Reed's Ranch - Colorado Springs, CO

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> Tascam SS-R05 -> Samplitude Pro X Suite -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
February 2, 2015

Patch Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat -> MP3 supplies:
Me And My Uncle (1:51 - end of track)
Casey Jones (complete track)
Hard To Handle (complete track)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (complete track)
Turn On Your Lovelight (complete track)

-- Thanks to Rob Eaton for lending me his Dat
-- The patch source comes from the dead.net taper's section stream
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with pitch correcting the patch source

d1t01 - Green Green Grass Of Home >
d1t02 - Ol' Slewfoot
d1t03 - Sittin' On Top Of The World
d1t04 - Morning Dew
d1t05 - High Time
d1t06 - Me And My Uncle
d1t07 - Casey Jones
xxxxx - Mama Tried (MISSING)
d1t08 - Hard To Handle
d1t09 - He Was A Friend Of Mine
d2t01 - Turn On Your Lovelight


Henry Lee Summer 1988-04-21 The Bottom Line New York, NY

Henry Lee Summer
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
Apr. 21, 1988

WNEW-FM broadcast
All Seats $12.50

** mp3 samples (as always) included in the Comments section**

TheCommish notes:  Grabbed this back in Sept. 2011 over at The Traders Den when it was shared there by victhedog.  Nice FM broadcast of Henry Lee, who was supposed the be the next John Mellencamp back in the day before he ran into drug problems.  Loved watching his funny video for "I Wish I Had A Girl" back when MTV actually played videos.

I actually saw Henry Lee play at The Stone Pony around 1989-1990 where he had The Rainmakers open up for him.  Back then, Henry Lee actually had some decent buzz.

For this torrent, I didn't alter any of the original FLAC files but I did rename them with the correct song titles and I'm providing this new text file to also reflect the correct song titles.  Enjoy!

01. Still Bein' Seventeen
02. Hands On The Radio
03. Lovin' Man
04. Down On The Farm
05. Got No Money
06. Don't Leave
07. Darlin' Danielle Don't
08. Just Another Day
09. I wish I Had A Girl
10. Band intro > intro to Wing Tip Shoes
11. Wing Tip Shoes
12. Honky Tonk Women  (Rolling Stones)
13. Bring It On Home To Me  (Sam Cooke)

Approx running time:  72 minutes

Live FM broadcast - CASS - COOL EDIT PRO - TLH

Uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
Oct. 2015


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Warren Haynes 2015-09-29 Fillmore, Detroit Michigan

Warren Haynes with Chessboxer & Jeff Sipes
Fillmore, Detroit Michigan

SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-11 > Zoom H2n (96/24)
SD Card > PC > Audacity (tracking, amplification, resampling,) > TLH (fix SBE)

Recorded from 2nd row center, mics clipped to hat.  This was a seated show

01 Is It Me Or You
02 One More Cup of Coffee
03 Blue Sky
04 Patchwork Quilt
05 Company Man
06 Dusk Till Dawn
07 Coal Tattoo
08 Stranded in Self Pity
09 Lay of the Sunflower
10 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
11 All Along the Watchtower
12 Troubled Mind jam
13 I'll Be Your baby Tonight
14 Skin It Back
15 Drums
16 Beat Down The Dust
17 Instrumental Illness
18 Spots of Time
19 Jessica

Warren Haynes - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Menefee - Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
Ross Holmes - Violin, Vocals
Royal Masat - Bass, Vocals
? - Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar
Jeff Sipes - Drums


Warren Haynes 2015-09-26 Vic Theater Chicago, IL

Warren Haynes Ft. The Ashes & Dust Band
Chicago, IL
Vic Theater

A ChicagoBlues recording 

Schoeps MK4's>Nbob actives>Nbox Platinum>Sony M10>24 48 SD Card>
HD>CDAV Splits dither 16 441>TLH>Flac8

MK4's were on a STCg Mounting Bar/ORTF on a clamp attached the the balcany rail.
Just LOC (Hillary Territory) The front of the balcony is about 20 feet FOB.

The Vic theater used to let tapers tape from the 2nd raised level on the floor. Not
this evening. Me and Gavin had to run up stairs to the 1st row balcany.

Special thanks to Gavin for the extra ticket.

01) Tough Mama (Bob Dylan cover)
02) Blue Sky  (The Allman Brothers Band song)
03) Patchwork Quilt  (Phil Lesh & Friends song)
04) Is It Me or You
05) Company Man
06) Wanderlust
07) Dusk Till Dawn  (The Allman Brothers Band song)
08) Coal Tattoo
09) Stranded in Self Pity
10) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  (Bob Dylan cover)
11) Ophelia   (The Band cover)
12) Skin It Back   (Little Feat cover) (>)
13) Instrumental Illness   (The Allman Brothers Band song) (>)
14) Drums
15) Beat Down the Dust(>)
16) Spots of Time   (The Allman Brothers Band song)
17) Applause>Band intros
18) Angel Band  (>)
19) Soulshine (The Allman Brothers Band song)
20) Get Behind the Mule (Tom Waits cover)
21) Jessica   (The Allman Brothers Band song)

Warren Haynes
Jeff Sipe
Matt Menefee
Ross Holmes
Royal Masat 

Do not buy or sell this recording. Share and trade it freely
Do not convert these files to any lossy format.
Do not make any changes to the files

Do support Warren, see him live and buy his music and merchandise
Do support ChessBoxer Buy their music and see them live.

Do record a blues show. puleeez. You think Im Kiding? Try me
Do help a fellow man in need. Give them money and food.


Bob Dylan 2015-10-05 Stockholm Waterfront Stockholm, Swede

Bob Dylan
Stockholm Waterfront
2015 October 05

Audience Recording. MH

48V phantom-powered mic preamps>T-shaped stereo electret microphone
Microtrack II>Hd<Soundforge9>Flac>torrent>you

A great evening with the newborn entertainer

Please enjoy !


01. Things Have Changed
02. She Belongs To Me
03. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
04. The Night We Called It A Day
05. Duquesne Whistle
06. What'll I Do
07. Pay In Blood
08. I'm A Fool To Want You
09. Tangled Up In Blue



10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. Where Are You?
12. Early Roman Kings
13. Why Try To Change Me Now
14. Spirit On The Water
15. Scarlet Town
16. All Or Nothing At All
17. Long And Wasted Years
18. Autumn Leaves
19. (encore)
20. Blowin' In The Wind
21. Love Sick

No errors occured.

Free trade only!


Bob Dylan 2015-10-01 Oslo Konserthus Oslo, Norway

Bob Dylan
Oslo konserthus
October 01, 2015

Bob Dylan - voc, piano, harp
Tony Garnier - bass
George Recile - drums
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar, maracas
Charlie Sexton - lead guitar
Donnie Herron - violin, banjo, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

lineage: Panasonic cardioids WM-55A103 on glasses > Roland R-05 (96000 kHz, 24 bit) > Audacity > mic compensation >...
          > convert sample (44100 kHz, 16 bit) > wave files > Flac Frontend > flac files

taped, edited & transferred by JOY
seeded by JOYYOJJOY

Set 1 (CD 1)
01 Things Have Changed
02 She Belongs To Me
03 Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
04 The Night We Called It A Day
05 Duquesne Whistle
06 Why Try To Change Me Now
07 Pay In Blood
08 I'm A Fool To Want You
09 Tangled Up In Blue

Set 2 (CD 2)
10 High Water (For Charley Patton)
11 Full Moon And Empty Arms
12 Early Roman Kings
13 Come Rain Or Come Shine
14 Spirit On The Water
15 Scarlet Town
16 All Or Nothing At All
17 Long And Wasted Years
18 Autumn Leaves

Free trade only!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Who 1971-07-29 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Flushing NY

The Who
29th July 1971
Forest Hills Tennis Stadium

Source: Cassette -> CDR -> FLAC

Disc 1:

01 - Love Ain’t For Keeping (cuts in)
02 - Pure and Easy
03 - My Wife
04 - Can’t Explain
05 - Substitute
06 - Bargain
07 - Behind Blue Eyes (slightly cut)
08 - Won’t Get Fooled Again

Disc 2:

01 - I Don’t Even Know Myself
02 - Baby Don’t You Do It
03 - Pinball Wizard
04 - See Me, Feel Me (slightly cut)
05 - Water
06 - My Generation
07 - Magic Bus

Artwork, FLAC Fingerprints & MD5 Verification File all included.

Stage Banter by Tom Pratt.

Artwork by Marquee Video Productions.


Approximate Length: 91m

A good audience recording that came to light in more recent years and was a major upgrade from
the fragmented version that previously existed.  The cuts are fairly insignificant.

Many thanks to Siege72.

Siege's Sound Quality Guide: A good, almost complete audience recording with the bass a good
bit louder than the guitar. I fixed the speed problems (horrific by 'Magic Bus') as best I

Siege's Details: The year's first U.S. tour opened with a memorable show in rainy weather —
fortunately this recording is many times better than the more common source, which was recorded
under a tarp and very fragmented. The set is still comprised of mostly new material, but a few
newer songs that were still included at the recent Sheffield show were dropped by this stage.
In their place are 'My Wife', the new Entwistle showpiece, and both 'Can't Explain' and
'Substitute', the latter inadvertently shortened to barely over a minute here. 'Bargain' is
becoming a great live number, despite Townshend trying to "sing" the synthesizer parts, and
'Behind Blue Eyes' is already a crowd favorite. Although 'Won't Get Fooled Again' had been
used as the set-closer earlier in the year, it's now moved to the seventh number in the act and
won't return to show-closing status for a few years. After a blistering version of 'Water',
the show finishes with 'My Generation' moving into 'Magic Bus' and what was reportedly a
Townshend smash-up of not one, but two guitars.


Rod Stewart 1984-09-03 Jones Beach Ampitheater Wantagh, N.Y.

Rod Stewart: lead vocals
Robin LeMeasurier: guitar
Jim Cregan: guitar
Jimmy Zavala: sax & harmonica
Kevin Savigar: keyboards
Jay Davis: bass
Tony Brock: drums

Jones Beach Ampitheater
Wantagh, N.Y.
September 3, 1984
promoting the album "camouflage"
live FM broadcast
runtime: 92:10 (minutes/seconds)

   1st set: (48:51 w/interview, 38:20 w/o interview)
1: radio intro :40
2: dance with me 4:17
3: tonight I'm yours 4:18
4: hot legs 4:50
5: you're in my heart 4:34
6: sweet little rock 'n' roller 5:09
7: announcer talk > ? 2:57 (about 1:15 is a song)
8: Baby Jane 6:06
9: sittin' on the dock of the bay (Otis Redding) 2:57
10: hungry heart (Bruce Springsteen) 2:30
11: conversation with Rod Stewart between sets 10:31 (cuts at 5:00, tape flip)

    2nd set (43:18)
12: infatuation 4:38
13: bad for you 6:26
14: tonight's the night 4:30
15: some guys have all the luck 4:34
16: shotgun 4:35
17: young turks 5:23
18: passion 5:02
19: do ya think I'm sexy? 8:09 (spliced at 5:43 during drum solo, tape change)

live WBCN 104.1 FM broadcast (not pre-recorded) >
Sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna >
unknown average quality cassette recorder (dolby off) >
almost never played Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassette
(it's not 70's Mahavishnu Orchestra, it's 80's Rod Stewart) >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that production.
(from the Spare the Rod Foundation.)
do not sell this recording.
share this Rod freely, losslessly and gaplessly.


Pearl Jam 2014-01-19 Metricon Stadium Gold Coast, Australia

Pearl Jam
19th of January 2014
Big Day out
Metricon Stadium
Gold Coast, Australia.

01.Do the Evolution
03.Hail Hail
04.Got Some
05.Mind Your Manners
06.Given to Fly
07.Big Wave
09.Lightning Bolt
10.Even Flow
11.Introductions & Dedication
12.Unthought Known
14.Down (cut)(Lukin entirely cut)
15.Not For You
16.Let the Records Play
18.Encore Break (cut) / Where's the moon? (talking)
19.Yellow Moon
20.Elderly Woman...
23.Jeremy / Any Requests? (talking)
25.Surfing World Champions (talking)
29.Rocking in the Free World

Taper :Brisjam
Source  :SP-CMC-2>SP-SPSB-8>Tascam DR-03 (@24/48)>Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (Amplify & fades)resample to 16/44.1)>Cd Wave (tracking)>Trader's Little Helper (encoding, checksums)>flac 8


Neil Young 2014-01-06 Carnegie Hall NYC, NY

Neil Young
Carnegie Hall NYC, NY
06 January 2014 - First Night at Carnegie.

This set was recorded full econo-mode, straight to my Edirol R-09's built in mics. The copied from SD card to my Mac and cut into tracks and exported to FLAC with Amadeus Pro. Fingerprints created with xACT; Torrent file ands upload facilitated with Transmit. 

I am providing the highest quality file I have and these will convert back to 24/48 audio. Re-Convert as you need for CDs or other uses but please do not trade other then original files. (as if I could stop you) If you do not like the way I record or the equipment I use, wait for another upload.

Beyond that, I hope you Enjoy!

This is the first night of Neil’s four night run at Carnegie Hall. Great set list as you see, Neil is chatty to boot, super friendly to the crowd, he even remarks on it. The pace is relaxed as Neil wanters the stage, messing with his harps and moving from instrument to instrument, tuching and talking about his guitars. This was a real nice night.

From Hank to Hendrix
On the way home
Only love can break your heart
Love in mind - grand piano
Mellow my mind - banjo
Are you ready for the country - tack piano
Someday "wake up all you sleeping beauties" version - tack piano
Old man


Going Back
A man needs a maid - grand piano
Southern man
Mr soul - pump organ
Needle of death
Needle and the damage done
Harvest moon
Flying on the ground is wrong - tack piano
After the Goldrush
Heart of gold

Comes A Time
Long May You Run

PS: Don't Sell This

PSS: For the inevitable requests;
I’m really sorry but I can’t offer other bit depths. There is only so much time in the day and I love to contribute music to this venue and hope that folks enjoy these shows too. So I  put to the best of what I have and hope users will take a little effort to get the output files they need. It should be a one step process, I know it is with the Mac based software recommended below. I hope it is just as easy with the windows options. 

On the Mac I think XLD is great; you give it a batch of files and it will out put pretty much what ever you need and will easily convert these 24bit flacs to 16bit AIFFs you can burn to CD. It will also allow you to clean up the metadata if you roll that way. Right click to apply to batch. While definitely worth a donation it is totally free, check it out. http://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/index_e.html

For windows, I would drove to hear more current suggestions but I have always heard great rings about Traders Little Helper. http://tlh.easytree.org/  But I do not use it nor am I 100% sure that it will take a 24bit flac and give your a 16bit wav in one motions. I have also heard good things about  http://www.foobar2000.org/   I also had http://www.voxengo.com/product/r8brain/  recommended as a straight bit conversion for free that will take what I gave and give you swell CD quality. GO!  

As with all of this windows stuff all the same caveats apply - I don’t use it and have not tried it. Still I would continue to welcome any current confirmation or commentary to help make this note more helpful.



Bruce Springsteen 2014-02-06 FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Date:     February 1st 2014
Venue:    FNB Stadium, Johannesburg


-- CD 1 (71 min)

01 Intro
02 Nelson Mandela
03 Land of Hope and Dreams
04 No Surrender
05 Seeds
06 Out in the Streets
07 Cadillac Ranch
08 High Hopes
09 Wrecking Ball
10 Death to my Hometown
11 Hungry Heart
12 I'm on Fire
13 The River

-- CD 2 (76 min)

14 American Skin *
15 Heaven's Wall *
16 Murder Incorporated *
17 Johnny 99 *
18 Working on the Highway *
19 Darlington Country *
20 Shackled and Drawn *
21 Waiting for a Sunny Day *
22 The Rising *
23 Ghost of Tom Joad * +
24 Badlands *

-- CD 3 (54 min)

25 Encore 1
26 Who will stop the Rain
27 Born in the USA
28 Born to Run
29 Bobby Jean
30 Dancing in the Dark
31 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
32 Shout

33 Encore 2
34 Thunder Road (solo acoustic)

Notes:     * heavy rain during parts of the main set,
       mics covered partially, rain drops.
    + main mic dropout about 1 minute into the
      song for 3 minutes (band kept playing)
      Tom Morello duet.

Schoeps MK41s > actives > Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10
    > Audacity [48/24 to 44/16, Levels +6.0db,
    clapp removal, FLAC Level 8] >
    Trader Little Helper [SBE fix]

    [taped from Floor, Golden Circle, 10m left
    of center, 20m in front of stage]
Taper: mttdxb



Chris Squire Experiment 1992-08-19 The Mason Jar Phoenix, AZ

Chris Squire Experiment Vol.1  Phoenix - August 19 - 1992
Venue;  The Mason Jar - First stop of the tour  -  First show
Quality: B; Audio   
Taper; Stormy   
Linage; unknown  

Set list
Wish I knew(Open your eyes),
 Lonesome trail
You're the reason I live
One world going round
Days of wonder
Porcaro solo
In the wake
Say goodbye
Whitefish/Whish I knew (reprise)

Line up;    Chris Squire, bass and vocals,
        Billy Sherwood, guitar, bass and vocals
        Jimmy Haun, guitar,
        Steve Porcaro, keyboards,       
        Alan White, drums
        Mart T Williams, percussion


Rush 1980-06-15 Queens Hall, Leeds, UK(2nd source)

Rush - Generations Lost
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 59:39, 71:38
Catalog: Voodoo Records: VR101/102
Source: Audience
Date: June 15, 1980
Location: Queens Hall, Leeds, England
Bookmark: http://www.digitalrushexperience.com/database/review.php?RecordingID=1025


01 - 2112
02 - Freewill
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog
04 - Xanadu
05 - The Spirit of Radio
06 - Natural Science
07 - A Passage To Bangkok


01 - The Trees
02 - Cygnus X-1
03 - Hemispheres
04 - Closer To The Heart
05 - Beneath, Between and Behind
06 - Jacob's Ladder
07 - Working Man
08 - Finding My Way
09 - Anthem
10 - Bastille Day
11 - In The Mood
12 - Drum Solo
13 - La Villa Strangiato


Neil Young 1976-11-14 Dane County Coliseum Madison, WI

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
1976-11-14 (Nov 14)
Dane County Coliseum
Madison, WI

From the bootleg "Madison Hurricane"
Seymour Records SR-012,13 (2006)

Source: Unknown AUD > Bootleg > EAC (sECURE, NO c2) > FLAC

Disc one
01 The Old Laughing Lady, Guilty Train
02 Human Highway
03 Journey Through The Past
04 Pocahontas
05 Too Far Gone
06 The Needle And The Damage Done
07 A Man Needs A Maid
08 No One Seems To Know
09 Sugar Mountain

Disc two
01 Cowgirl In The Sand
02 Human Highway
03 Bite The Bullet
04 Down By The River
05 Lotta Love
06 Like A Hurricane
07 After The Goldrush
08 Cinnamon Girl
09 Encore [crowd]:
10 Cortez The Killer
11 Drive Back
Band : Crazy Horse, Line Up 3
       Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
       Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
       Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
       Ralph Molina - drums, vocals


Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Doobie Brothers(Incident) 2015-09-11 Lockn' Festival Arrington, Virginia

The Doobie Incident
Lockn' Festival
Arrington, Virginia

Source: Schoeps CCM4V's>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 91' From Stage, 7 1/2' High
DSP: Sound Devices 722>Sound Forge 10.0>CD Wave>flac(16)
ID3 Tagged In Foobar 2000
Recorded By: Z-Man
Seeded By: Z-Man

Disc I

01 John Popper - National Anthem
02 Rockin' Down The Highway
03 Takin' It To The Street
04 Band Introduction
05 Sometimes A River
06 Black Water
07 Long Train Runnin'>
08 Texas >
09 Long Train Runnin'
10 Drum Solo >
11 Jesus Is Just Alright With Me
12 Intro Jam >
13 China Grove
14 Listen To The Music
15 Rockin' Down The Hghway


Rush 1980-06-15 Queens Hall, Leeds, UK(1st source)

Rush - Live In Leeds, UK '80
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 71:15, 55:50
Source: Audience
Date: June 15, 1980
Location: Queens Hall, Leeds, UK


01 - 2112 15:24
02 - Freewill 6:11
03 - Bytor and the Snow Dog (abbreviated) 5:15
04 - Xanadu 12:53
05 - The Spirit of Radio 5:16
06 - Natural Science 8:58
07 - A Passage to Bangkok 3:57
08 - The Trees (cut) 0:43
09 - The Trees (continued) 4:43
10 - Cygnus X-1 (abbreviated) 7:57


01 - Hemispheres 14:29
02 - Closer to the Heart 3:22
03 - Beneith, Between, Behind 2:49
04 - Jacob's Ladder 8:38
05 - Working Man (abbreviated) 3:36
06 - Finding My Way/Anthem (abbreviated) 2:06
07 - Bastile Day (abbreviated) 1:29
08 - In the Mood (abbreviated)/Drum Solo 9:11
09 - La Villa Strangiato  10:09


Led Zeppelin 1969-04-24 Fillmore West San Francisco CA(EVSD)

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 4/24/69
Venue: Fillmore West
Location: San Francisco California
Bootleg: Blues Anytime EVSD-145
Source: Audience
Lineage: CDR>EAC,Offset Corrected,Secure Mode,Test and Copy>WAV>FLAC Frontend Level 8 with Verify>FLAC

This is for Jameskg thx for all the great shows you post.


1. As Long As I Have You
2. Killing Floor
3. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
4. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5. Pat's Delight

Info taken from bootledz.com

Blues Anytime (Empress Valley), Conquering California (Dinopower Records), Cracker Jack Blues (Jelly Roll), Fillmore
West (LSD), Fillmore West '69 (Scorpio), Psychedelic Raw Blues (Immigrant)
Scorpio and Immigrant are both missing 40 seconds of the introduction. Dinopower is missing the entire introduction.
Immigrant and Dino both have a 2 second gap early in White Summer that isn't found on the other releases. Scorpio,
Immigrant, and Dino are cut near 3 minutes into White Summer, missing 11 seconds of music. A total of 38 seconds have
been removed from Immigrant's titles in the area of the speed up during White Summer. Immigrant and Dino are the only
titles to have a dropout two minutes into Pat's Delight. Dino has a dropout in As Long As I Have You not found on the
other titles. It's also missing the last 7 seconds of tape after Pat's Delight.
Empress Valley replaced the tape stretch in White Summer with what seems to be tape from a different show. The tape
gap in the beginning of Babe is completed here using the Danish TV show.
There's no difference in tape generation between the titles. There are differences in amplification. Immigrant,
Empress Valley, and Dinopower are the loudest, followed by Jelly Roll.


Neil Young 1976-11-10 Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texa

Neil Young  & Crazy Horse
Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

unknown lineage

fine audience recording > cds in a trade > eac > flac

flac transfer by mr-soul

disc one
acoustic set
1. The old laughing lady
2. Human highway
3. After the gold rush
4. Heart of gold
5. White line
6. Too far gone
7. A man needs a maid
8. Sugar mountain

electric set
9. Country home
10. Don't cry no tears
11. Bite the bullet

disc two
1 Down by the river
2 Lotta love
3 Like a hurricane
4 Drive back
5 Cinnamon girl
6 Cortez the killer

enjoy the show
share the music – never encode to mp3 or similar – trade freely