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Oasis 1994-10-29 The Wetlands New York City

Oasis 1994-10-29 The Wetlands New York City (Soundboard)(Flac)

01 Rock N Roll Star
02 Columbia
03 Fade Away
04 Digsy's Dinner
05 Shakermaker
06 Live Forever
07 Bring It On Down
08 Up In The Sky
09 Slide Away
10 Cigarettes And Alcohol
11 Married With Children
12 Supersonic
13 I Am The Walrus
14 Rock N Roll Star (Encore)

Here's another silver disc I bought from a record fair in Manchester way back

The title is "New York City" Label Vulgartone Cat Nos VU400


AC/DC 1976-12-18 Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia

Set List
1) Love Song Intro
2) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
3) She's Got Balls
4) Problem Child
5) Live Wire
6) Jailbreak
7) The Jack
8) TNT
9) High Voltage
10) Baby Please Don't Go



David Bowie 1972 The Year Of The Spiders

David Bowie - The Year Of The Spiders

Label: Switch On! DEVIL KWSK 99-03
Audio Source: BBC Recording
Lineage: CDR --> DbPowerAmp --> WAV --> FairStar--> FLAC --> MWP
Number of Discs: 1
Artwork: Included

 Sounds Of The 70's 18-01 '72

 01 Hang on to yourself
 02 Ziggy Stardust
 03 Waiting for the man
 04 Queen bitch
 05 Five years

 Top Gear 16-05 '72

 06 White light white heat
 07 Moonage daydream
 08 Hang on to yourself
 09 Suffragette city
 10 Ziggy Stardust

 Johnny Walker Show 22-5 '72

 11 Starman
 12 Space oddity
 13 Changes
 14 Oh you pretty thing

 Sounds Of The 70's 23-5 '72

 15 Andy Warhol
 16 Lady Stardust
 17 White light white heat
 18 Rock 'n roll suicide


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U2 1981-08-24 Greenbelt Arts & Music Festival Odel England

1981-08-24 - Odel 1981

August 24, 1981
Greenbelt Arts & Music Festival
Odel England

Source: Analog Cassette (Unknown generation)>CoolEdit2000>WAV>CDWave>Flac (Level 8)
Total Time: 23:09
Transfered by: RossMan (,
Flac file size: 147mb

01 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (05:05)
02 - I Will Follow (03:45)
03 - An Cat Dubh (03:05)
04 - Into The Heart (02:48)
05 - With A Shout (04:43)
06 - Fire (03:41)

Recording notes:
I originally listed this show as a soundboard recording. I'm not sure though. Could be a audience recording. But the crowd noise is so distant that it leads me to believe that it is a very high
generation soundboard. Sounds almost like it's from a video source but I don't ever remember
a video for this show circulating. The very beginning has some sort of distortion but it clears up
just before 11 O'Clock begins. There was a dropout during 11 O'Clock at the 4:04 mark which I edited out. Only dead air was cut out.
No other processing done whatsoever. 


Gov't Mule 1994-11-30 7 Willow St Port Chester, NY

1994 - 11 - 30
Port Chester, NY
7 Willow St.

Warren Haynes - guitar & vocals
Allen Woody - bass & mandolin
Matt Abts - drums & percussions

Taper : Unknown (Thanx :-)
Source: Unknown Audience Recording >
Transfer: CD Wav(Plextor/PX-W1210A)>Flac Frontend(level8)
Seeded by BluesOxator (I`m not the taper)

From The German Mule-Junkies:
RoryGallagher (a.k.a. Axel)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)

"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**

CD - 1 -
01. Rocking Horse >
02. Blind Man In The
       Dark >
03. Mr. Big
04. Mother Earth
05. The Same Thing
06. End Of The Line
07. Monkey Hill >
      She's So Heavy
      Jam >
08. Gambler's Roll

CD - 2 -
01. Politician >
02. Sin's A Good Man's
      Brother >
03. Left Coast Groovies >
04. World Of Difference
05. Just Got Paid
encore :
06. Look On Yonder Wall


KISS 1976-05-13 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, United Kingdom

Source: Audience recording
Location: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, United Kingdom
Date: May 13, 1976
Bootleg title:
Bootleg label:
Catalogue #:
Artwork: No
Comments:Some hiss.

Disc 1: (66:56)
1-01 Deuce
1-02 Strutter
1-03 Flaming Youth
1-04 Hotter Than Hell
1-05 Firehouse
1-06 She - Guitar Solo
1-07 Nothin' To Lose
1-08 Shout It Out Loud
1-09 Bass Solo - 100,000 Years - Drum Solo
1-10 Black Diamond
1-11 Detroit Rock City
1-12 Rock And Roll All Nite


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1975-00-00 Texas

Paul Ray & The Cobras with Stevie Vaughan

Texas 1975

Opening for Stone Ground from San Francisco

Here is my take on this rare and 2nd oldest Stevie material I have heard,  I think these tracks are from a few locations.
They show a great young Stevie Vaughan who is was 21 at this time.

In late 1974, SRV joined the popular Austin band Paul Ray & The Cobras, averaging five gigs a week for the next two-and-a-half years.
They released a 45rpm record, his second appearance on vinyl, and won "Band of the Year" in an Austin music poll.
The record, however, didn't attract major record labels. In 1977, Vaughan left The Cobras and formed Triple Threat Revue
with Lou Ann Barton on vocals, W.C. Clark on bass, Mike Kindred on keyboards, and Fredde Pharaoh on drums

My thanks goes out to Vince at for his endless generousity in sharing this gem and many many
others with myself and others.

For more SRV info, setlists, artwork, ect..
Check out my site  and Vince's site


Lineage, Downloaded Flac files from server (thanks Vince, your the best) I added a text file and ffp file.



I wonder how I am gonna leave ( your love is the same)
Night time is the right time
Last call for alchohol
contest drawing (band plays instrumental sunshine)
Sunshine of my life
Do you love me ( I gotta know)
Do you love me ( I gotta know)
Lonely Nights (Johnny Guitar Watson Song)
What my baby gonna do ( break my poor heart)

CD 2

Stormy Monday
Matter Of Fact
Other Days
In The Morning?
Cryin' Town?
I tried pretty baby
Love Gun
What my baby gonna do ( break my poor heart)
Someone To Love


Rush 1978-05-16 Denver, Colorado, USA

Rush - Ancient Archives
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 39:26, 34:34
Catalog: Red Recordings: RMR00319
Source: Audience
Date: May 16, 1978
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA


01 - Bastille Day   5:16
02 - Lakeside Park   4:52
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog   5:35
04 - Xanadu   13:05
05 - A Farewell To Kings   6:36
06 - Something For Nothing   4:02


01 - 2112 Overture   4:30
02 - 2112 Temples Of Syrinx   2:18
03 - 2112 Discovery   2:44
04 - 2112 Presentation   4:22
05 - 2112 Soliloquy   2:25
06 - 2112 Grand Finale   3:33
07 - Working Man   3:56
08 - Fly By Night   2:02
09 - In The Mood   2:35
10 - Drum Solo   6:09


Rush 1978-05-10 Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY

Media: 2 CDr
Catalog: Digital Reproductions  DR 51078-3
Source: Audience
Quality: See Reviews below
Date: 05-10-1978
Location: Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY

Track Listing Disc One:
1. Bastille Day 5:44
2. Lakeside Park 4:26
3. By-Tor And The Snow Dog 5:02
4. Xanadu 12:24
5. A Farewell To Kings 5:47
6. Something For Nothing 3:39
7. Cygnus X-1 9:45
Disc Two:
1. Anthem 4:41
2. Closer To The Heart 3:11
3. 2112 18:07
4. Working Man Medley / Drum Solo 14:09
5. Cinderella Man 4:10


Townes Van Zandt 1990-06-15 Paul Masson Winery Saratoga, CA

Townes Van Zandt
Paul Masson Winery
Saratoga, CA

traded cd-r> dBPoweramp to flac> TLH torrentfile

01. If I Needed You
02. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
03. Buckskin Stallion Blues
04. Marie
05. story: sandstone blocks at Paul Masson winery
06. Talking Thunderbird Blues
07. story: Pancho And Lefty
08. Pancho And Lefty
09. Dollar Bill Blues
10. Tecumseh Valley
11. No Lonesome Tune
12. The Hole


AC/DC 1976-12-04 Apollo Stadium, Adelaide, Australia

Set List
1) Jailbreak
2) She Got The Jack
3) Can I Sit Next To You
4) High Voltage
5) Rocker
6) Long Way To the Top
7) Baby, Please Don\'t Go
8) Problem Child

Notes Shoot Shoot Don\'t Talk


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Bruce Springsteen 1975-07-22 Geneva Theatre, NY

Geneva Theatre, NY
July 22, 1975

Aud>screwed up CD-Rs>Audition>Wav>FLAC

This is for maniacs who want everything; the sound is not great (hear sample).
THe disks I received had a right track that was 20 DBs lower than the left.
That wasn't acceptable to me so I mixed the tracks, then boosted the middle
and the high end another 8 dbs, then normalized. I also re-indexed the disks.
Also, there was a very irritating burst of static and quite a few botched
segues between songs, as well as some cut off endings or beginnings as noted.
The sound is pretty bad; do not expect this to sound great. Still it's a fun
show and for free it's not a total ripoff.

The tracklist here doesn't quite match the artwork as "Soothe Me" has been
cut into Disc 2, Track 10 "Let The Four Winds Blow."

Artwork is included, both the original artwork I grabbed from as well as some I whipped up 'cause
I didn't like the pixellation, although it's still pretty lousy.

Disc 1:

   1. Spirit In The Night
   2. E Street Shuffle
   3. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
   4. Growin' Up
   5. Saint In The City
   6. Incident On 57th Street
   7. She's The One
   8. (cuts in) Born To Run
   9. Kitty's Back

Disc 2:

   1. New York City Serenade >Come A Little Bit CLoser teaser>
   2. Rosalita
   3. 4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
   4. A Love So Fine
   5. Sha La La
   6. Quarter To Three (cut)


   7. Needles And Pins
   8. You Really Got Me
   9. Cry To Me
  10. Let the Four Winds Blow>Soothe Me
  11. New York City Serenade
  12. Higher And Higher


Genesis 1976-06-18 Phillipshalle Dusseldorf, Germany

Friday, June 18, 1976
Dusseldorf, Germany

Lineage: Unknown gen cassette>CD>EAC>WAV>FLAC

Disc 1:

Dance on a Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway/Fly on a Windshield/Carpet Crawlers
The Cinema Show
Robbery, Assault, and Battery
White Mountain
Firth of Fifth

Disc 2:

Mike talking
Supper's Ready
I Know What I Like
Los Endos
It/Watcher of the Skies

 This recording came to me in a trade quite some time ago (2007 perhaps). The sound here is not very good, but for attendees and completists this should be an enjoyable download. The execution seems good here, but Phil's vocals seem to be slightly under the mix. This was speed corrected (it ran too slow), and the volume was raised a bit on here (6 decibels on average).


Roger Waters 1984-07-20 Meadowlands Brendyn Byrne Arena, NJ

Roger Waters
Brendyn Byrne Arena, NJ
"The Meadowlands"

Recorded FOB 3rd row
1st generation TDK SA-C90's
Circulated 05-03-08 by Pete W

Disc 1 - Set I

01. Set The Controls
02. Money
03. If
04. Welcome To The Machine
05. Have A Cigar
06. Wish You Were Here
07. Pigs On The Wing
08. In The Flesh (tape flip cross-faded)
09. Nobody Home
10. Hey You
11. The Gunners Dream

Disc 2 - Set II

The Pros And Cons of Hitchhiking

01. 4:30am (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)
02. 4:33am (Running Shoes)
03. 4:37am (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies)
04. 4:39am (For The First Time Today Pt. 2)
05. 4:41am (Sexual Revolution)
06. 4:47am (The Remains Of Our Love)
07. 4:50am (Go Fishing) (tape flip cross-faded)
08. 4:56am (For the First Time Today Pt. 1)
09. 4:58am (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin)
10. 5:01am (The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking)
11. 5:06am (Every Strangers Eyes)
12. 5:11am (The Moment Of Clarity)


13. Brain Damage --> Eclipse

The Band:

Roger Waters - Bass/Vocals
Eric Clapton - Guitar
Mel Collins - Saxophones
Michael Kamen - Keyboards
Andy Newmark - Drums
Tim Renwick - Guitar/Bass
Chris Stainton - Keyboards/Bass
Doreen Chanter - Backing Vocals
Katie Kissoon - Backing Vocals


Townes Van Zandt 1990-06-15 Paul Masson Winery Saratoga, CA

Townes Van Zandt
Paul Masson Winery
Saratoga, CA

traded cd-r> dBPoweramp to flac> TLH torrentfile

01. If I Needed You
02. Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold
03. Buckskin Stallion Blues
04. Marie
05. story: sandstone blocks at Paul Masson winery
06. Talking Thunderbird Blues
07. story: Pancho And Lefty
08. Pancho And Lefty
09. Dollar Bill Blues
10. Tecumseh Valley
11. No Lonesome Tune
12. The Hole


Chris Squire Experiment 1992-08-21 The Strand Redondo Beach,CA

Chris Squire Experiment – Vol.4 - Redondo Beach -  August 21 - 1992
Venue;  The Strand
Quality: B+;  Audio   
Taper; unknown  
Linage; unknown  

This is my fourth torrent out of seven shows from the Chris Squire Experience 1992 tour.
An excellent tour played in a cozy, smoky club. These shows are a must for Squire/Yes fans.
Set list;      Wish I knew(Open your eyes)
        Lonesome trail
        You're the reason I live
        One world going round
        Days of wonder
        Porcaro solo
        Say goodbye.

Line up;        Chris Squire, bass and vocals, Billy Sherwood, guitar, bass and vocals
                Jimmy Haun, guitar, Steve Porcaro, keyboards, Alan White, drums
                Mart T Williams, percussion


Oasis 1994-10-15 The Cabaret Metro Chicago, IL

October 15, 1994
The Cabaret Metro
Chicago, Illinois, USA

SBD / Audio courtesy of JBTV / ESK 6805

Source:  Label Promo > EAC v0.95 beta04 > WAV > mkwACT v0.97b1 > shn > River Past Audio Converter Pro 7.7.1 > FLAC

01  Rock'n'Roll Star
02  Columbia
03  Fade Away
04  Digsy's Dinner
05  Shakermaker
06  Live Forever
07  Bring it on Down
08  Up in the Sky
09  Slide Away
10  Cigarettes & Alcohol
11  Married with Children
12  Supersonic
13  I Am the Walrus

This is from an 'Oasis Live' promo disc that we received here at the radio station in probably late '94 or '95, show is also on boots called 'Ode to the Walrus' , 'Supersonic' and 'Climbing The Sky'.  It's excellent sound from a promo sent from Sony.  Included are scans of the CD itself (which I will also include a flipped version as well since it's printed backwards).  By all accounts it's a complete show.


Rush 1978-05-10 Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY

Rush - Niagara Falls Revisited
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 49:37, 46:57
Catalog: Mekon Records: MK 008/009
Source: Audience
Date: May 10, 1978
Location: Convention Center, Niagara Falls, New York, USA


01 - Bastille Day
02 - Lakeside Park
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog
04 - Xanadu
05 - A Farewell To Kings
06 - Something For Nothing
07 - Cygnus X-1


01 - Anthem
02 - Closer To The Heart
03 - 2112
04 - Working Man Medley / Drum Solo
05 - Cinderella Man


David Bowie 1972-12-28 Hard Rock Club Manchester,U.K

David Bowie
Hard Rock Club
Manchester,U.K. 12-28-1972
Audience Recording

Lineage: Cassette--->Soundforge--->Flac8--->MWP

(Running Time 52:38)

1. Let's Spend The Night Together
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. The Supermen
5. Changes
6. Life On Mars?
7. Five Years
8. The Width Of A Circle (Tape flip)
9. John, I'm Only Dancing
10.Moonage Daydream
11.The Jean Genie
12.Suffragette City
13.Rock'n'Roll Suicide

Gab42 asked me a few weeks ago if I had this show and if I would upload it, well here it is. Don't know how it compares to other circulating versions as I haven't heard any other versions. I would say this average quality for the era and quite listenable.


AC/DC 1976-11-02 City Hall Glasgow, Scotland

Band: AC/DC
Venue: City Hall
City: Glasgow
Country: Scotland
Date: November 2 1976
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Tour: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap UK Tour
Support Act: Tyla Gang

Lineage: Trade > CDR > EAC "Secure Mode" > Wave > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7 - 7,5 out of 10.

It was also at this show that Bon got his bagpipes stolen from the stage.

That was the first ever AC/DC concert at that venue and they played Big Balls.............


01. Live Wire
02. Problem Child
03. High Voltage
04. Baby, Please Don´t Go
05. I´m A Rocker

Total Time: 32:08


Bon Scott: Vocals
Angus Young: Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young: Rhythm Guitar
Phil Rudd: Drums
Mark Evans: Bass


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

David Bowie 11-25-72 Ziggy & the Spiders  Cleveland Music Hall  Cleveland, Ohio

 1. Hang On To Yourself
 2. Ziggy Stardust
 3. Changes
 4. The Supermen
 5. Life On Mars?
 6. Five Years
 7. Space Oddity
 8. Andy Warhol
 9. Drive In Saturday
10. Width Of A Circle
11. Queen Bitch
12. John, I'm Only Dancing
13. Moonage Daydream
14. Waiting For The Man
15. Jean Genie
16. Suffragette City
17. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

Possibly the most important Bowie bootleg release since Strange Fascination, the show starts of with Hang On To Yourself on
 which Bowie fluffs the words a bit at the start of the second verse then its straight into Ziggy.  Looking at the set list
you be forgiven for thinking this was basically Santa Monica with a slight set change.  Don't, the show is a lot more vibrant
 than Santa Monica, Bowie's voice sounding a lot stronger.  On the third track Changes, where as at Santa Monica was the
vocals sound strained, here its sung with much more vigour.  The set follows the usual US tour set with rocking versions
of the Supermen, Life On Mars, and Five Years. At the end of Five Years, he says ' OK I've been asked to ask the people who
are' but then changes to 'I guess I should say good evening everyone', and then asks the people dancing in the isles to sit
down.  Then its into Space Oddity with repeating is performance at Santa Monica with the singing the  instrumental break,
and he adds a few extras to the end of the song as well.   At the end of the song he asks the crowd 'What's been happening
with you' says he's been touring round their country and that he's glad they asked him back, as it was also the fist show
they did on the US tour.   Andy Warhol comes next with which he adds the line Va Va Va Voom and a great bit of guitar work
at the end of it.  He then says this is the bit where the people with tape recorders must leave cause were going to do a new
song.  He then tells them where it was written and what its about, tells them its called 'Drive In Saturday' and works a lot
 better than the LP version with the guitar being strummed as opposed to playing the tune, after which he thanks the crowd.
  Next comes a huge 10 min version of  Width of a Circle with Ronson doing a great Guitar Solo in he middle of it.
  John Im only Dancing next sounding like the single.  Its then into Moonage Daydream which rock like anything, he then
introduces the Spiders and also Mike Garson.  Waiting for the Man next though it sounds as if its there's a slight cut
between the Band Intro and this.  He then introduces the Jean Genie as a number to release on RCA records and tapes, then
its straight into Suffragette City.  The show ends with him introducing Rock'n'Roll Suicide as one of Ziggys numbers.
 Where the Santa Monica set seemed to be aimed more for the radio audience and was split into part acoustic show, this is
much more like the Rock'n'Roll' Roll show that it should have been.  A word of caution, don't play it on your PCs CD ROM,
with small it sounds shit but when played on a decent system it pisses on every  other  other Ziggy boots.   Sound quality
doesn't quite match that of Santa Monica but as that was from a radio broadcast its only to be expected.    As Santa Monica
is now out officially this must for now be the best Ziggy boot at the moment.  Essential for all fans.   
However the Rainbow theatre show also released it may have to be content with the best boot of the US tour. 
Savage Hippo are really doing Bowie fans proud at the moment - keep up the good work guy

Additional Info
Greetings from Alaska !!!  I was the person who recorded Bowie in Cleveland, Ohio Nov.25, 72 that the CD "Va Va VaVoom" was
taken from  I did not authorise the reproduction but I was surprised the producers of the CD cut a lot out of the actual
recording to fit on the CD.  I had the Sept 22, 72 Show (first in America) but it is missing.  The Sept 22, 72 show was at
Music Hall-Cleveland, OH.  The Nov.25, 72 show was at  Public Hall -Cleveland, OH.

Thanks to Joe Ray for the additional info

Do you see a mistake? Can you fill in any missing data?

Mail any corrections and/or comments to Chris Parker

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Last modified on 16 April 2002

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Roger Waters 1984-07-16 Stockholm Sweden

Roger Waters - Thanks for the Ride
07-16-1984, Stockholm Sweden

Silver CD --> Arial CD Ripper --> FLAC

ROIO info:
Disc 1


      1.  Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun   8:13
      2.  Money                                       7:50
      3.  If                                          4:27
      4.  Welcome To The Machine                      8:01
      5.  Have A Cigar                                6:03
      6.  Wish You Were Here                          6:47
      7.  Pigs On The Wing                            1:24
      8.  In The Flesh                                3:34
      9.  Nobody Home                                 4:42
      10. Hey You                                     4:46
                                              Total  55:51*
Disc 2


      1.  The Gunners Dream                      6:57
      2.  Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad  3:20
      3.  Running Shoes                          4:17
      4.  Arabs With Knives & West German Skies  2:57
      5.  For The First Time Today (Part 2).     2:31
      6.  Sexual Revolution                      5:30
      7.  The Remains Of Our Love                3:21
      8.  Go Fishing                             6:13
      9.  For The First Time Today (Part 1).     1:42
      10. Dunroamin' , Duncarin' , Dunlivin'     3:03
      11. The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking        6:03
      12. Every Stranger Eyes                    4:10
      13. The Moment Of Clarity                  2:46
      14. Brain Damage                           5:21


      Roger Waters - Lead vocals,Bass guitar.
      Eric Clapton - Guitars.
      Mel Collins - Saxophone.
      Michael Kamen - Keyboards.
      Andy Newmark - Drums.
      Chris Stainton - Keyboards, Bass guitar.
      Tim Renwick - Bass guitar.
      Doreen Chanter,Katie Kassoon - Vocals.


Genesis 1975-02-23 Eissporthalle, Berlin, Germany

Eissporthalle, Berlin
Quality * B+ 

1.1 The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 03:44
1.2 Story 01:29
1.3 Back In NYC 06:17
1.4 Hairless Heart 02:38
1.5 Counting Out Time 04:03
1.6 Carpet Crawlers 05:56
1.7 The Chamber Of 32 Doors 06:14
1.8 Story 02:36
1.9 Lilywhite Lilith 03:09
1.10 The Waiting Room 06:02
1.11 Anyway 03:43
1.12 Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist 04:07
1.13 The Lamia 07:31
2.1 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 05:54
2.2 The Colony Of The Slippermen 07:08
2.3 Story 03:16
2.4 The Musical Box 12:45
2.5 Watcher Of The Skies 08:59


Monday, November 17, 2014

Genesis 1974-11-22 Indiana Convention Centre Indianapolis, IN

1.1 Introduction / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 07:12
1.2 Fly On A Windshield / Broadway Melody Of 1974 03:49
1.3 Cuckoo Cocoon 02:44
1.4 In The Cage 07:42
1.5 Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 05:02
1.6 Back In N.Y.C. 06:01
1.7 Hairless Heart 02:24
1.8 Counting Out Time 03:29
1.9 Carpet Crawlers 05:21
1.10 The Chamber Of 32 Doors 05:29
1.11 Story Of Rael 02:33
1.12 Lillywhite Lilith 02:32
1.13 The Waiting Room 05:22
1.14 Anyway 03:13
1.15 The Supernatural Anaesthetist 02:26
1.16 The Lamia 01:21
1.17 The Lamia (Continued) 07:00
2.1 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 02:36
2.2 The Colony Of The Slippermen 02:04
2.3 The Colony Of The Slippermen (Continued) 03:27
2.4 Ravine 01:25
2.5 The Light Dies Down On Broadway 03:22
2.6 Riding The Scree 03:56
2.7 In The Rapids 01:57
2.8 It 04:10
2.9 The Musical Box 13:54


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bruce Springsteen 1973-12-06 Childe Harold, Washington DC, USA

Play The Tuba & Run...

Date: 1973-12-06
Location: Childe Harold, Washington DC, USA


01 Walking the dog  (11:48)
02 For You  (11:10)
03 The 'E' street shuffle [Al Tellone guest] (7:27)
04 Kitty's back  (7:56)
05 Does This Bus Stop?**  (3:51)
06 Let The Four Winds Blow**  (3:34)

**Not from 06DEC73

Track 06 ends abruptly.

track 7 and 8 are not from this show..
7 is another version of kitty's back and 8 is an early jungleland

Friday, November 14, 2014

KISS 1976-03-21 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, FL

Source: Audience recording
Location: Jai Alai Fronton, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
Date: March 21, 1976
Bootleg title:
Bootleg label:
Catalogue #:
Artwork: No

1-01 Deuce
1-02 Strutter
1-03 C'mon And Love Me
1-04 Hotter Than Hell
1-05 Firehouse
1-06 She - Guitar Solo
1-07 Parasite
1-08 Nothin' To Lose
1-09 Shout It Out Loud
1-10 100,000 Years - Drum Solo
2-01 Black Diamond
2-02 Cold Gin
2-03 Rock And Roll All Nite
2-04 Let Me Go, Rock And Roll


U2 1981-08-23 Paris Cinema Studio London, England

Date : august 23, 1981
Venue : Paris Cinema Studio
Place : London, England
Recording equipment : Unknown
Source : MASTER
Complete Show : Yes

01. 11 O'clock tick tock
02. I will follow
03. An cat dubh
04. Into the heart
05. With a shout
06. Twilight
07. Out of control
08. Rejoice

Here it is my remastered version of this nice sounding pre-fm show.
There was a lot of room for improvement so i did my best
to achieve a sound more close to an official release.
I've opened up the sound and pull out as much as possible
all the transients.I like early u2 gigs.
I think their music has to be punchy and clear.
That's the way i aimed my work.I think it sounds a LOT better now.
Samples are provided so you can compare the sound before and after remastering.
As always the processing has been done in the 32 bit domain.


Rush 1978-05-10 Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY

Rush - Niagara Falls, Unknown Source
Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 46:49, 44:22
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: May 10, 1978
Location: Convention Center, Niagara Falls, New York, USA


01 - Bastille Day 6:10
02 - Lakeside Park 4:50
03 - By-Tor & The Snowdog 5:47
04 - Xanadu 13:00
05 - A Farewell To Kings 6:42
06 - Something For Nothing 4:02
07 - Cygnus X-1 10:52


01 - Anthem 4:46
02 - Closer To The Heart 3:39
03 - 2112: Overture 4:35
04 - 2112: The Temples Of Syrinx 2:26
05 - 2112: Discovery 2:49
06 - 2112: Presentation 4:32
07 - 2112: Soliloquy 2:31
08 - 2112: Grand Finale 2:29
09 - Working Man 4:10
10 - Fly By Night 2:07
11 - In The Mood 2:45
12 - Drum Solo 6:11
13 - Cinderella Man 4:43

Rush - Niagara Falls, NY 1978-05-10 (History of Buffalo Concert Series)


53rd in this ongoing series archiving the concerts of Buffalo, NY over the last 40 years. Not the greatest sounding thing, but not too bad. This came from a CD-R trade some years back, and I highly suspect an mp3 source, but I can't be certain. Just thought it was my duty to mention it. I've looked for a certain to be lossless source for it, and I've seen torrents, but they're all dead. They could just be this source anyway. Anyway, not a bad sounding show. Not great, not terrible like the 1980 one. Expand files list for tracklisting. More to come. Enjoy!

As with nearly everything I post, do not sell, but feel welcome to convert anything I post to any format you like, lossy or otherwise, and feel free to share/trade it that way. Spread the music as much as possible, in any format possible. Music should be free and for everyone to enjoy as they see fit. If a person is completely satisfied with an Mp3, then they should be allowed to get it that way. All music should exist in all available formats, be it lossless, lossy, phone files or whatever. The more formats the more people will be exposed to the variety of music out there, and that's a good thing no matter how you slice it. Just make sure everyone knows what they're getting.


Oasis-1994-09-19-Nagoya Culb Quattro-Nagoya-Japan

Oasis-1994-09-19-Nagoya Culb Quattro-Nagoya-Japan

DAT(Gen ?) ==> Sony D100 ==> POC-DA12P ==> PC ==> Flac(16bit/48kHz) ==> You


01. Rock'n'Roll Star
02. Columbia
03. Fade Away
04. Digsy's Dinner
05. Shakermaker
06. Live Forever
07. Bring It On Down
08. Up In The Sky
09. Slide Away
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Married With Children
12. Sad Song
13. D'yer Wanna Be A Spaceman ?
14. Supersonic
15. I Am The Walrus
16. Encore
17. Rock'n'Roll Star