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The Rolling Stones 1965-1967 Musicorama Mixdown (Paris radio broadcasts)

The original Rolling Stones lineup with Brian Jones has very few available concert recordings. Many radio and TV recordings survive but they aren't true concerts, just a few songs at a time. Fortunately for Stones fans, French radio recorded and broadcast four concerts in Paris from 1965 to 1967. The tapes have been rebroadcast several times over the years and been released on a number of bootlegs.  All tracks were recorded at L'Olympia, Paris, France, by French radio.

This compilation is my attempt to combine the best source for each song for each concert. Previous bootlegs simply used one broadcast or rebroadcast. You had the choice of listening to a complete concert in fair to good quality, or a few songs in excellent quality. Now, 3 out of the 4 concerts are 3 or 4 source merges; the 4th is a single source.  I made this compilation in Nov. 2004 and no longer have the files, so these are extracted from the CDRs I made at the time.  Most of the material is sourced from trade CDRs; source D is sourced from a silver pressed CD, all extracted at the time using EAC.  Source A is from a low gen. cassette into my PC using a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card.

I am told that the most recent rebroadcast was on French radio, July 1, 1995, in honor of the upcoming show at L'Olympia July 3, 1995.  I am not sure if this is source A or C.

Art is included, made by someone else with my input. I named this compilation "Musicorama Mixdown" after the name of the French radio program and the process of mixing down multiple sources into one final product.  Presented in FLAC 1.2.1.  Enjoy, there are some rare songs and great performances here.

April 18th, 1965
1. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love A
2. Around And Around A
3. Off The Hook B
4. Time Is On My Side A, B
5. Carol C*
6. It’s All Over Now C
7. Little Red Rooster B
8. Route 66 C*
9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love B
10. The Last Time C*
11. I’m Alright B
12. Craw-Dad B

March 29th, 1966 ~ 1st Show
13. The Last Time (End Only) D
14. Mercy Mercy D
15. She Said Yeah D
16. Play With Fire (2nd Half Only) D
17. Not Fade Away D
18. That’s How Strong My Love Is D
19. I’m Moving On D
20. The Spider And The Fly D
21. Time Is On My Side (End Only) D
22. 19th Nervous Breakdown D
23. Around And Around D
24. Get Off Of My Cloud D
25. I’m Alright D
26. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction D

April 11th, 1967 (1st or 2nd Show)
1. Paint It Black C
2. 19th Nervous Breakdown C*
3. Lady Jane B
4. Get Off Of My Cloud/Yesterday’s Papers C*
5. Under My Thumb A
6. Ruby Tuesday C
7. Let’s Spend The Night Together C
8. Goin’ Home B
9. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction C, E

March 29th, 1966 ~ 2nd Show
10. The Last Time C
11. Mercy Mercy E, F
12. She Said Yeah F
13. Play With Fire F
14. Not Fade Away E
15. The Spider And The Fly F, E
16. Time Is On My Side F
17. 19th Nervous Breakdown C
18. Hang On Sloopy Theme/ Get Off Of My Cloud C
19. I’m Alright F, E
20. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction C*, E

A Rebroadcast – VGP’s “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” EX quality
B Original Broadcast – VGP’s “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss” VG/VG+ quality
C Rebroadcast – Tape Source EX+ quality
D Original Broadcast – Hot Lips’ “Fuckin’ and Suckin’,” (Pitch Corrected & Equalized) G+ quality
E Original Broadcast – VGP’s “Ready Steady Stones” VG- quality
F Original Broadcast – Bad Wizard’s “Down The Road Apiece” (Equalized) VG quality

*Previously Unreleased on CD or LP


AC/DC 1976-06-03 BBC Maida Vale 4 Studios London, England

Band: AC/DC
Venue: BBC Maida Vale 4 Studios
City: London
Country: England
Date: June 3 1976
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown

Lineage: Trade > SHN > Wave > Flac 8

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7,5 out of 10.


1.  Can I Sit Next to You Girl
2.  Live Wire
3.  Little Lover
3.  High Voltage


Pink Floyd 1980-08-09 Earl's Court London (HRV006)

Harvested HRVDVD006

Divided We Fall
The Wall Live Earl's Court
August 9th 1980

I have no lineage on this other than this is the Harvested version
of this great show.

Mpeg 2 Program Stream File [Video/Audio]
Muxrate : 10.08 Mbps
Estimated Duration: 07:03.08s
Aspect ratio 4/3 (TV)
Interlaced, chroma format: 4:2:0
Size [720 x 480]     29.97 fps    7.00 Mbps
Audio : Mpeg 1 layer 1
384 kbps  44100 Hz
Stereo,  No emphasis

Disk 1
Master Of Ceremonies
In The Flesh
Thin Ice
Another Brick In THe Wall, Pt 1
Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In THe Wall, Pt 2
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
What Shall We Do Now?
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall, Pt 3
Last Few Bricks
Goodbye Cruel World

Disk 2
Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
Master Of Ceremonies
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside The Wall

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7
Link 8

Rush 1977-12-02 The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rush - Three Hellions Come To Frogtown

Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog:  Let It Rip Productions: 19771202
Source: Audience
Date: December 02, 1977
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Track Listing:

1. Rock 103 (pre-interview with Neil & Geddy) Moving Pictures Era
2. Xanadu
3. A Farewell To Kings
4. Closer To The Heart
5. Something For Nothing
6. Cygnus X-1
7. Working Man
8. Fly By Night
9. In The Mood
10. Cinderella Man
11. Rock 103 Interview With Rush
12. Rock 103 (Outside the Midsouth Coliseum: Memphis, Tennessee 4-16-81)

Average Rating: Audio: 8


The setlist is the same as 3 at the forum, and Cinderella kings. This is one of the those recordings that is way better than fly in the night. The sound is really just great, the only problem, as with all of the audience tapers, sounds a little compressed, just a little boxed in, if you will. But, that dosen't keep it from getting a good score. I completly recommend this.   (2008-11-17)


Gov´t Mule 1994-09-09 The Strand, Providence, RI

Lineage: CD > EAC > FLAC (> etree ~ YOU Mule junkies)
Taped by: unknown
Quality: good to very good
Title: “Mule On Fire” oh yes they are!
File Size: 398MB and 9MB for artwork, 407MB at all
Length: 76:50min
Sorry, any artwork for this one.
more information:

The Strand, Providence, RI, 09 September 1994
1) Rocking Horse ~
2) Blind Man In The Dark ~
3) Mr Big
4) Warren´s speech on the new band
5) Mother Earth
6) The Same Thing
7) Monkey Hill ~
8) She´s So Heavy Jam ~
9) She´s So Heavy jam (continued) ["Heavy Jam" is just divided in two tracks, anything special]
10) Gambler´s Roll
11) Just Got Paid
12) End Of The Line
13) Look On Yonder Wall
Length: 76:50min
Warren Haynes: Vocals, Guitar
Allen Woody: Bass
Matt Abts: Drums

Important Note: AVOID MP3 ~ Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Even More Important Note: please use this show for trading ~ never sell it (you may go to hell ~ which is not confirmed)


Leftover Salmon 1996-02-01 Trax-Charlottesville, VA


February 1, 1996
Trax-Charlottesville, VA SBD/1

Up On the Hill Where They Do the Boogie
Stop All Your Worrying
Shame and Scandal
Funky Mountain Fogdown
Sitting on Top of the World//


Mr. Mister 1986-08-08 Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canadaigua, NY

US Tour - Summer 1986 (labelled Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Canadaigua, NY - August 8, 1986)

Soundboard or FM source, excellent but with some hiss

Lineage: CDR trade - EAC - tlh - dime

Prog-pop at its finest, these guys could really kick it live. As the times indicate, the band had started to jam on some of these tracks, most notably on
"Is It Love" and "Life Goes On" (their favorite song from their first album). If you like this band (and lead singers who play bass...) at all, give it a listen.

01 Uniform of Youth    04:57
02 Something Real    04:45
03 Broken Wings        06:09
04 Welcome To The Real World 05:34
05 Is It Love        08:23
06 Kyrie        04:22
07 Life Goes On        10:17
08 Purple Haze        02:27
09 Stand And Deliver    06:43


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Blues Traveler 1994-04-16 Legends, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Blues Traveler
April 16th, 1994
Legends, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

Unknown SBD>Cass(x)>CD
Taper unknown; CD provided by Keith Economidis

CD>xACT 1.66 (cdparanoia)>Sound Studio 2.1.1b3 (retrack)>xACT 1.66>FLAC
by Dave Mallick

Disc 1 [52:29.21] (minutes:seconds.frames)
01. Crash Burn           [03:40.67]
02. But Anyway           [06:33.26]
03. Save His Soul        [04:25.30]
04. Stand                [07:08.64]
05. Best Be On My Way    [06:11.70]
06. Low Rider>           [03:59.01]
07. Go Outside & Drive>  [12:40.66]
08. Gina                 [07:48.72]

Disc 2 [54:14.73]
01. 100 Years            [05:52.70]
02. Love Of My Life      [09:17.21]
03. Dropping Some NYC>   [00:43.46]
04. Freedom>             [04:08.55]
05. Dropping Some NYC    [01:59.05]
06. Optimistic Thought   [03:37.67]
07. Escaping             [06:27.02]
08. Miss You>            [04:10.66]
09. Sweet Talking Hippie [13:27.61]
10. E: Love & Greed      [04:29.55]

- Significant tape hiss filtered out with EQ centered around 8k-10k.
- Tape stoppages at 2:17 and 5:10 of d1t08. One of them has to be a flip;
  not sure what the other one is. Tape also stopped before the music begins
  in d2t01, and at the ends of just about every track on disc 2 to cut out
  between-songs dead space/cheering.
- d2t06 cuts in slightly; tape stoppages at 3:47 and 9:57 of d2t09 and
  0:36 of d2t10.


Bruce Springsteen 1999-04-23 Donauarena, Regensburg, Germany

Title: The Regensburg Reunion
'Label': Ev2
Format: 2CD
Source: Audience
Date: April 23, 1999.
Location: Donauarena, Regensburg, Germany.

Recording Info:
AIWA CM30 >SONY WM-D6 >MaC >CD >EAC > Ev2 edit

Disc One:
01 My Love Will Not Let You Down
02 Prove It All Night
03 Two Hearts
04 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05 Rendezvous
06 Factory
07 The River
08 Youngstown
09 Murder Incorporated
10 Badlands
11 Out In The Street
12 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
13 Where The Bands Are

Disc Two:
01 Working On The Highway
02 The Ghost Of Tom Joad
03 The Promised Land
04 Jungleland
05 Light Of Day
06 Bobby Jean
07 Hungry Heart
08 Born To Run
09 Thunder Road
10 If I Should Fall Behind
11 Land Of Hope And Dreams


- One of the first shows of the "Reunion tour", "The Ghost Of Tom Joad", "Light Of Day" and "Land Of Hope And Dreams" are very different to later shows.
-- Thanks to the original taper & uploader.


Rolling Stones - 1967-04-02 Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, 2nd Show

Rolling Stones - 1967-04-02 (Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, 2nd Show)

01 - The Last Time (Groovin' Around)
02 - Paint It Black (Groovin' Around)
03 - 19th Nervous Breakdown (Groovin' Around)
04 - Lady Jane (Groovin' Around)
05 - Get Off Of My Cloud - Yesterday's Papers (Groovin' Around)
06 - Ruby Tuesday (Groovin' Around)
07 - Let's Spend The Night Together (Groovin' Around)
08 - Goin' Home - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Groovin' Around)


Bruce Springsteen 1985-08-05 RFK Stadium Washington, DC

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
August 5th, 1985
Washington, DC               
RFK Stadium

Brucebase: h
Total Time: 2:51:47

Source: I haven't a clue, maybe a CD-R trade or maybe flac trade. Old CDs ripped securely with EAC and coneverted to .flac level 8, tags added.

Upload will include EAC log files, .md5 verification file, flac fingerprint, spectral/frequency analysis, artwork, and (for ABMS) PAR2 recovery files.
DISC ONE: (71:25)
01-Born In The USA (5:29)
02-Badlands (5:09)
03-Out In The Street (5:37)
04-Johnny 99 (4:28)
05-Seeds (5:48)
06-Atlantic City (4:49)
07-Man at the Top (4:24)
08-The River (6:01)
09-Working on the Highway (4:04)
10-Trapped (4:44)
11-Darlington County (5:26)
12-Glory Days (9:36)
13-The Promised Land (5:43)

DISC TWO: (58:55)
01-My Hometown (8:50)
02-Thunder Road (6:27)
03-Cover Me (6:52)
04-Dancing In The Dark (5:25)
05-Hungry Heart (4:11)
06-Cadillac Ranch (6:24)
07-Downbound Train (5:04)
08-I'm On Fire (5:37)
09-Because the Night (5:44)
10-Bobby Jean (4:17)

DISC THREE: (41:27)
01-intro (4:45)
02-Can't Help Falling in Love (2:30)
03-Born To Run (4:55)
04-Ramrod (7:12)
05-Twist And Shout (9:04)
06-Do You Love Me (7:26)
07-Sherry Darling 5:31)

Notes: Not the greatest sounding show ....... decent enough though, and I suspect the only existing tape.

Brucebase: Audience tape. Second and last (until Kilkenny, Ireland in July 2013) performance of outtake "Man At The Top" with the same lyrics as July 12, 1984, with the exception of the line “movie-stars and astronauts” that replaces the “One thing in common they all got”, second verse, line three from Tracks version. Excellent professionally shot video of this performance of "Man At The Top" circulates on DVD - click the link above to view. First ever performance in the U.S. of "Seeds". First time "Sherry Darling" closes the show - this will be repeated for the majority of the final U.S. leg.


Gov’t Mule 2014-09-26 The Orpheum Theater Los Angeles, CA

Gov’t Mule 2014-09-26 The Orpheum Theater Los Angeles, CA

AKG c422 > s42 > Grace Design Lunatec V2 > Sonic AD2K+ > Roland R-44 (S/PDIF/digital input)

Location: ~Center, ~100' back, Mezzanine light rail, Matthellini clamp/magic finger
Mic Config: X/Y (hypercardioid)
Record Format: 24-bit, 96 kHz
Transfer: SDHC card > USB 2.0 card reader > MacBook Air
Edits and Tracking: Waves C6, Waves H-EQ, MannyM Triple D, change gain, quadratic (linear) fades (Wave Editor 1.5.7)
Resample: Ultra-steep, Linear Phase (Izotope ReSampler/Wave Editor 1.5.7)
Dither: Ultra Shape, High Amount (MBIT+/Wave Editor 1.5.7)
Final Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
Encode, Verify, Tagging, ReplayGain: xACT 2.33

01. - set one -
02. Mule
03. Gameface
04. Little Toy Brain
05. Funny Little Tragedy
06. Kind Of BIrd
07. Banks Of The Deep End
08. Captured
09. Broke Down On The Brazos
10. - set two -
11. Done Got Wise
12. I Believe To My Soul *
13. Brighter Days >>
14. Fallen Down >>
15. The Other One Jam >>
16. Drums >>
17. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home ^

18. Effigy >>
19. I’m A Ram

* with Jimmy Vivino and Jeff Babko
^ with Jimmy Vivino and Yoshi Yanagi


Bruce Springsteen 1984-09-25 War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band

Label        : N/A
Titel        : N/A   
Format        : 3CD
Date        : September 25, 1984
Location    : War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY
Source        : Audience
Tape Info    : RJ TAPES
Transferred by    : B.L.
Complete Concert: Yes
Sound quality    : Good

RJ Tapes >> Cool Edit Pro >> WAV >> Track Split (CDWave) >> CD-R

EAC (secure) >> WAV >> Flac FrontEnd (level 8, align on sector boundaries, verify) >> Flac

Upload will include EAC log files , md5 verification file, spectral / frequency analysis.

Disc 1 (74:57):
01 Born In The USA (5:42)
02 Out In The Street (5:30)
03 Spirit In The Night (7:10)
04 Atlantic City (5:40)
05 State Trooper (4:37)
06 Highway Patrolman (6:52)
07 Prove It All Night (6:03)
08 Darlington County (5:22)
09 Glory Days (12:17)
10 The Promised Land (6:48)
11 Point Blank (8:52)

Disc 2 (78:07):
01 Trapped (5:28)
02 Badlands (5:13)
03 Thunder Road (7:44)
04 Hungry Heart (5:16)
05 Dancing In The Dark (6:19)
06 Cadillac Ranch (6:33)
07 Candy's Room (3:27)
08 Downbound Train (4:17)
09 I'm On Fire (3:21)
10 Cover Me (6:09)
11 Pink Cadillac (9:17)
12 Bobby Jean (4:17)
13 Backstreets (10:44)

Disc 3 (59:44):
01 Rosalita (come out tonight) (16:00)
02 Jungleland (10:57)
03 Born To Run (6:24)
04 Detroit Medley (10:21)
05 Twist And Shout-Do You Love Me (10:49)
06 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (5:12)

Disc 3 track 02 - Jungleland:
First 6 minutes, tape / recording problems.


Gov't Mule 2014-09-27 Balboa Theatre San Diego, CA

Gov't Mule
September 27, 2014 (Saturday)
San Diego, Ca.
Balboa Theatre

Source : MG210 (PAS) > SD MP-2 > Sony PCM-M10 (24/48)
Location: Center Balcony, Front Row clamped to rail; Balcony Row F, seat 108
Transfer: Audacity (amplify,resample,dither) > cdwav (track) > TLH (flac,meta)

Recorded and Mastered by: Aaron Bowers (obaaron)


01. Bad Little Doggie
02. Steppin' Lightly
03. Unring The Bell
04. Endless Parade
05. Dont't Take Me Alive
06. Larger Than Life
07. Thelonius Beck
08. I Shall Return
09. Time To Confess

01. If Hearthaches Were Nickels
02. No Reward
03. Child Of The Earth
04. Hope She'll Be Happier >
05. Drums >
06. Stratus *
07. Lay Your Burden Down >
08. Smokestack Lightnin' >
09. Lay Your Burden Down
10. World Boss
11. Encore Crowd
12. Soulshine

* T-Bone on Guitar

Warren Haynes - Guitars, Vocals
Matt Abbs - Drums
Danny Louis - Keyboards
Jorgen Carlsson - Bass


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Neil Young 2001-01-20, Rock City - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rock In Rio

2001-01-20, Rock City - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rock In Rio
w/ Crazy Horse

SBD Recording

Sedan Delivery
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black
Love And Only Love
Cinnamon Girl
F*!#in' Up
Cortez The Killer
Like A Hurricane
Rockin' In The Free World
Down By The River
Welfare Mothers


AC/DC 1976-04-12 Apollo Stadium Adelaide, Australia

April 12, 1976
Apollo Stadium
Adelaide, Australia


1. Jailbreak
2. She's Got The Jack
3. Can I Sit Next To You?
4. High Voltage
5. I'm a Rocker, I'm a Roller
6. It's a Long Way To the Top(If you Want To Rock n Roll)
7. Baby Please Don't Go
8. Problem Child


Bruce Springsteen 1985-08-26 CNE Grandstand Toronto, ON

Bruce Springsteen 1985-08-26 CNE Grandstand Toronto, ON

Flac Trade

Upload will include .md5 verification file, flac fingerprint, spectral/frequency analysis, artwork, and PAR2 recovery files.

010-Born in the USA
03-Out in the Street
04-Johnny 99
06-Atlantic City
07-The River
08-I'm Goin' Down
09-Working on the Highway
11-Glory Days

01-The Promised Land
02-My Hometown
03-Thunder Road
04-Cover Me
05-Dancing in the Dark
06-Hungry Heart
07-Cadillac Ranch
08-Downbound Train
09-I'm on Fire
10-Pink Cadillac

01-Bobby Jean
02-Can't Help Falling in LOve
03-Born to Run
05-Twist and Shout-Do You Love Me
06-Sherry Darling

Notes: slight skip on Working on the Highway, slight drop at 8:24 of Glory Days,and a few drops all slight after 6:19 of Pink Cadillac. The audience can be heard clearly during some of the between song breaks but it's not distracting(it may be the tapers lady friend). Overall a VERY nice, good sounding show from the latter part of the BITUSA tour.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 2014-09-26 American Airlines Center Dallas TX

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
American Airlines Center
Dallas TX
September 26 2014

Source: SP-CMC-08s Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 16 bit 441htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file >
traders little helper flac level 7

Taper: whotapes
Recorded from Section 11 row X

01 So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
02 Mary Jane's Last Dance
03 American Dream Plan B
04 Into the Great Wide Open
05 Forgotten Man
06 I Won't Back Down
07 Free Fallin'
08 Band Intros
09 A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)
10 U Get Me High
11 Rebels
12 Yer So Bad
13 Learning to Fly
14 Shadow People
15 I Should Have Known It
16 Refugee
17 Runnin' Down a Dream
18 You Wreck Me
19 American Girl 


Bruce Springsteen 1988-05-02 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

Title: Something New & Beautiful
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: May 2, 1988
Location: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

source : nakamichi cm300(cp4) > sony tcd-5m
transfer from master cassettes
TAPER : markp

Disc One:
01 Tunnel Of Love
02 Be True
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 Two Faces
05 Intro / "Here She Comes Walkin'"
06 All That Heaven Will Allow
07 Seeds
08 Roulette
09 Cover Me
10 Brilliant Disguise
11 Intro / "Take Your Past And Put It Away"
12 Spare Parts
13 War
14 Born In The U.S.A.

Disc Two:
01 Tougher Than The Rest*
02 Ain't Got You
03 She's The One
04 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
05 Intro
06 I'm A Coward
07 I'm On Fire
08 One Step Up
09 Part Man, Part Monkey
10 Walk Like A Man
11 Dancing In The Dark
12 Light Of Day
13 Intro / "Have A Safe Trip To Home"
14 Born To Run
15 Hungry Heart

Disc Three:
01 Glory Days
02 Intro / "Does The Hero Get The Girl"
03 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
04 Intro / "Fancy Rockstar Airplanes"
05 Have Love Will Travel
06 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
07 Sweet Soul Music
08 "Are You Talkin' To Me?"
09 Raise Your Hand

10 Be True
11 Brilliant Disguise
12 Backstreets
13 Little Latin Lupe Lu
14 Twist & Shout

- Bonus tracks from May 3, 1988. Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA. (MarkP master rec.)
* Beginning of 'Tougher Than The Rest' has some sound problems (bass overlap) but it gets better soon.


As noted above, source is Again another Mark Persic master recording - thank him for the show.

Bruce's parents are in the audience, 'Walk Like A Man' gets dedicated to his 'pops'.



Bruce Springsteen 1985-09-13 Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX

Bruce Springsteen 1985-09-13 Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Cdr Trade -> Eac (Secure) -> Flac (Level 8, Align on SB, Verify)
Disc 1:
101 Born In The USA (5:53)
102 Badlands (5:15)
103 Out In The Street (7:02)
104 Johnny 99 (4:26)
105 Seeds (6:46)
106 Atlantic City (5:07)
107 The River (9:51)
108 Working On The Highway (4:15)
109 Trapped (5:14)
110 I'm Goin Down (6:27)
111 Glory Days (10:44)

Disc 2:
201 The Promised Land (5:59)
202 My Hometown (10:00)
203 Thunder Road (6:40)
204 Cover Me (6:55)
205 Dancing In The Dark (6:17)
206 Hungry Heart (4:22)
207 Cadillac Ranch (7:54)
208 Downbound Train (4:13)
209 I'm On Fire (6:12)
210 Pink Cadillac (11:03)
211 Bobby Jean (4:40)

Disc 3:
301 This Land Is Your Land (6:53)
302 Born To Run (5:07)
303 Ramrod (8:40)
304 Twist And Shout-Do You Love Me (20:27)
305 Stand On It (4:46)
306 Travelin Band (3:41)


Bruce Springsteen 1985-08-07 Municipal Stadium Cleveland, OH

1985-08-07 Cleveland

Disc 1: (71:17)

01. Born In The U.S.A. (5:55)
02. Badlands (5:12)
03. Out In The Street (6:39)
04. Johnny 99 (4:21)
05. Seeds (5:53)
06. Atlantic City (5:06)
07. The River (5:59)
08. Working On The Highway (4:11)
09. Trapped (4:58)
10. Darlington County (5:25)
11. Glory Days (9:36)
12. Promised Land (5:01)

Disc 2: (60:37)

01. My Hometown (9:14)
02. Thunder Road (7:07)
03. Cover Me (6:50)
04. Dancing In The Dark (6:00)
05. Hungry Heart (4:16)
06. Cadillac Ranch (6:40)
07. Downbound Train (4:44)
08. I'm On Fire (5:31)
09. Pink Cadillac (10:12)

Disc 3: (43:34)

01. Bobby Jean (4:21)
02. This Land Is Your Land (4:54)
03. Born To Run (5:38)
04. Ramrod (6:58)
05. Twist & Shout / Do You Love Me? (16:25)
06. Sherry Darling (5:17)


Friday, September 26, 2014

Bruce Springsteen 1988-04-13 The Summit Houston, Texas

Bruce Springsteen
The Summit
Houston, Texas
April 13, 1988

Recording: 2 x Sony ECM33F > Marantz PMD430 (DBX On) > Maxell XLII

Transfer: Audience Master > Nakamichi CR-5A (Azimuth Adjusted) (DBX Off > MacBook Pro > Audacity > Peak Pro XT (Volume Smoothing/Edit/Indexing) > xACT > FLAC

Second night in Houston, first time transferred directly from the Master tapes.

Nice quality and nice solid Tunnel performance.

Disc One

01 Tunnel Of Love
02 Be True
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 Two Faces
05 All That Heave Will Allow
06 Seeds
07 Roulette
08 Cover Me
09 Brilliant Disguise
10 Spare Parts
11 War
12 Born In The U.S.A.

Disc Two

01 Tougher Than The Rest
02 Ain't Got You - She's The One
03 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
04 I'm A Coward
05 I'm On Fire
06 One Step Up
07 Part Man Part Monkey
08 Walk Like A Man
09 Dancing In The Dark
10 Light Of Day

Disc Three

01 Born To Run
02 Hungry Heart
03 Glory Days
04 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
05 Detroit Medley
06 Raise Your Hand


The Rolling Stones 1981-12-01 Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan

THE ROLLING STONES "Mission Direct Hits"
Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
December 1, 1981

Source: Dog n Cat Records

Sound Quality: Excellent Soundboard

Lineage: CDR received in a trade -> flac via TLH -> You


Take The A Train
Under My Thumb
When The Whip Comes Down
Let's Spend The Night Together
Black Limousine
Just My Imagination
Twenty Flight Rock
Going To A Go Go
Let Me Go
Time Is On My Side
Beast Of Burden
Waiting On A Friend
Let It Bleed


You Can't Always Get What You Want
Band Introductions
Little T&A
Tumbling Dice
She's So Cold
Hang Fire
Miss You
Honky Tonk Women
Brown Sugar
Start Me Up
Jumping Jack Flash
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Star Spangled Banner / School Day

Artwork included.


John Lennon-Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 35 (THE LAST ONE!!!!)

John Lennon-Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 35
Bag Records 5107

Lineage: Original Vinyl>Polderbits>WAV>TLH>FLAC8>HC

 1. I'm Stepping Out (Lennon)  6:26

 2. Borrowed Time (Lennon)  5:50

 3. I Don't Wanna Face It (Lennon)  2:33

 4. Watching The Wheels (Lennon)  6:08

 5. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (Lennon) 3:58

 6. (Just Like) Starting Over (Lennon)  4:15

 7. (Just Like) Starting Over (Lennon)  3:37


Bruce Springsteen 1988-05-03 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Mountain View,

Title: "Roses And Broken Hearts" BSGR 16/17/18
Source: Soundboard

Silver CD's>EAC>Flac

This was the second of two shows at the Shoreline. This show is the
longest show of the US leg of the Tunnel Of Love tour. Bruce's mother
comes onto stage to dance with him during Dancing In The Dark. This show
is considered to beone of the bestm if not the best, of the entire US tour.
At the end of disc 3 there are two rare renditions of songs that were
played during the sound check of this show.

Disc 1
CD102-Tunnel Of Love
CD103-Be True
CD104-Adam Raised A Cain
CD105-Two Faces
CD106-All That Heaven Will Allow
CD109-Cover Me
CD110-Brilliant Disguise
CD112-Spare Parts
CD114-Born In The USA

CD201-Tougher Than The Rest
CD202-Aint Got You
CD203-Shes The One
CD204-You Can Look
CD205-Im A Coward
CD206-Im On Fire
CD207-One Step Up
CD208-Part Man Part Monkey
CD210-Dancing In The Dark
CD211-Light Of Day

CD302-Born To Run
CD303-Hungry Heart
CD304-Glory Days
CD306-Have Love Will Travel
CD307-Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
CD308-Sweet Soul Music
CD309-Raise Your Hand
CD310-Little Latin Lupe Lu
CD311-Twist And Shout
CD312-Im So Lonesome I Could Cry*

*played during the soundcheck


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gov't Mule 1994-08-09 Fox Theater Boulder CO

Govt Mule
Fox Theater
Boulder CO

EAC (secure mode)>WAV>FlacFrontend>flac level 6(sbe-ok)
by Muletaper


1 Rocking Horse >
2 Blind Man In The Dark
3 Mr. Big,
4 Mother Earth,
5 The Same Thing,
6 End Of The Line, Young Man Blues intro >
7 Monkey Hill  She's So Heavy jam>
8 Gambler's Roll,
9 Born Under A Bad Sign,

1 Left Coast Groovies
2 World Of Difference,
3 Sin's A Good Man's Brother,
4 Just Got Paid
5 Encore: Look On Yonder Wall


Bruce Springsteen 2002-12-02 Phillips Arena Atlanta, GA

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Title: Let's Produce (Doberman)
Date: 2nd Dec 2002
Venue: Phillips Arena
City: Atlanta, GA
Time: 139:09
Source: Soundboard

CD 1 (71:37):
1 The Rising (5:19)
2 Lonesome Day (4:32)
3 The Ties That Bind (3:49)
4 Night (4:22)
5 Empty Sky (4:53)
6 You're Missing (5:45)
7 Waitin' On A Sunny Day (6:28)
8 No Surrender (4:50)
9 Worlds Apart (6:52)
10 Badlands (6:32)
11 She's The One (5:02)
12 Mary's Place (13:13)

CD 2 (67:32):
1 Countin' On A Miracle (6:24)
2 Thunder Road (6:14)
3 Into The Fire (8:07)
4 Where The Bands Are (4:02)
5 Glory Days (6:42)
6 Born To Run (7:17)
7 My City Of Ruins (7:19)
8 Born In The U.S.A. (5:39)
9 Land Of Hope And Dreams (8:41)
10 Dancing In The Dark (7:07)

from brucebase:
Audience tape and soundboard - Another performance for "Further On Up the Road" and "American Skin" Brendan O'Brien joined Bruce and the Band on-stage to add rhythm guitar to "Glory Days" and "Born to Run." Bruce opened the encores with "Where the Bands Are," the first performance of that song since March 4, 2000. Soundboard released on CD "Lets Produce" (Dob).


Iron Maiden 2014-06-03 Papp Laszlo Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary

Papp Laszlo Sportarena, Budapest, Hungary
Recorded and mastered by Navigator

SP-CMC-8 (AT 943) > SP-SPSB-11 > Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) > Adobe Audition 3 (with iZotope Ozone 4 mastering plug-in) > CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > HAT (align sector boundries, FLAC)


01. Intro: Rising Mercury 
02. Moonchild 
03. Can I Play with Madness 
04. The Prisoner 
05. 2 Minutes to Midnight 
06. Revelations 
07. The Trooper 
08. The Number of the Beast 
09. Phantom of the Opera 
10. Run to the Hills 
11. Wasted Years

12. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 
13. Wrathchild 
14. Fear of the Dark 
15. Iron Maiden 
16. Churchill's Speech
17. Aces High 
18. The Evil That Men Do 
19. Sanctuary 


Van Halen 1984-03-17 Providence Civic Center Providence RI

Van Halen
Providence Civic Center
Providence RI


01 Unchained
02 Hot for Teacher
03 Drum solo
04 On Fire
05 Running With the Devil
06 Little Guitars
07 Cathedral/Mean Street
08 Bass Solo
09 Jamies cryin
10 Ill Wait
11 Keyboard Jam (I Me Mine)
12 Everybody Wants some (tape flip)
13 Everbody wants Some (cont.)
14 Girl Gone Bad
15 Jump
16 Eruption (cut)


Please delete track 12 (18 secs silence)

1st show of 1984 tour(?)

Source: 3rd Gen chrome Bias Tape > technics rs-t60r  > phillips cdr 760> EAC> TLH> flac 8> you

No artwork available

Vg/vg- sound quality

DLR stated "Saturday Night" and "Happy St. Patricks Day" as well


Tears For Fears 2014-09-20 Winstar Casino Thackerville OK

Tears For Fears
Winstar Casino
Thackerville OK
September 20 2014

Source: SP-CMC-08s HyperCard elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 16 bit 441htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file >
traders little helper flac level 7

Taper: whotapes
Section A south Row A23

01 Secrect World
02 Sowing the Seeds of Love
03 Advice for the Young at Heart
04 Call Me Mellow
05 Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
06 Change
07 Mad World
08 Memories Fade
09 Closest Thing to Heaven
10 Ready To Start
11 Floating Down The River
12 Everybody Wants to Rule the World
13 Badman's Song
14 Pale Shelter
15 Break It Down Again
16 Head Over Heels
17 Encore Break and Bad Intros
18 Woman In Chains
19 Shout

An 80's throwback night! I actually enjoyed this show more than I thought I would.
There are a couple of talkers around me so it is not a pristine recording but it is
still pretty good. Ready to Start is a cover of the Arcade Fire song.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Colin Hay 1997-08-03 Folk Festival Burgruine Leofels, Germany

C O L I N      H A Y
(ex- Men At Work)

Folk Festival Burgruine Leofels, Germany 03-Aug-1997 (Sunday)
Label: none
Sound quality: FM (clear stereo soundboard DCC > FM > Maxell UDII CD 120 > audacity > you)

Now this IS rare!
New to DIME! Never ever shared anywhere else before in this quality!
Sound quality nearly perfect! From a Radio SF (StHoerfunk) broadcast in Winter 1997/98.
The name of the radio show was "Sunday Afternoon".
Each show featured a complete live concert mostly recorded in Southern Germany.

This is pure acoustic live music – no overdubs have been added.
Long introductions, explanations and banter inbetween the songs. A short but complete set!

1)I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
2) I'll Leave The Light On
 3)My Brilliant Feat
5)Into The Cornfields
6)Down Under
7)I'm Doing Fine
8)Waiting For My Real Life To Begin
9)Death Row Conversation


The Cure 1981-10-07 Grand Parc, Bordeaux,France

The Cure
Date: 1981-10-07
Location: Grand Parc, Bordeaux (FRA)
Source: Audience recording (incomplete show)
Quality: 8,5/10
Lineage : Audience > ? > CDR > EAC (V0.95 BETA 3) > WAV > FLAC FRONTEND (V1.7.1) > FLAC (LEVEL 5)
Covers : No
Seed by: kittycan 2006-11-04 @ PPTC-forever drowning in torrent

File size: 518 MB

1981-10-07 Bordeaux

CD 1:
01. The Holy Hour
02. In Your House
03. The Drowning Man
04. 10:15 Saturday Night
05. Accuracy
06. The Funeral Party
07. M
08. Primary
09. Other Voices
10. All Cats Are Grey

CD 2:
01. At Night
02. Three Imaginary Boys
03. Fire In Cairo
04. Play For Today
05. Splintered In Her Head
06. A Forest
07. Faith

Total : 87:28 mins

Line up :
Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Lol Tolhurst


Toto - 1988-03-02 Ahoy, Rotterdam

Toto - 1988-03-02 Ahoy, Rotterdam\
Lineage - Silver CD ----->  WAV -----> FLAC\
Source - FM Broadcast\
Sound - Excellent\
02-I Won't Hold You Back\
04-I'll Be Over You\
06-Keyboard Solo (Steve Porcaro)\
07-Home Of The Brave\
Joseph Williams - Vocals\
Steve Lukather - Guitar & Vocals\
Mike Porcaro - Bass\
Jeff Porcaro - Drums\
David Paich - Keyboards & Vocals\
Lenny Castro - Percussion\
Warren Ham - Vocals, Guitar, Sax\
Paulette Brown - Background Vocals\
Notes - Great show with excellent sound and performance.  It's too bad the whole thing wasn't recorded.  Not a top night for Williams, but he hangs in there just fine.  Lukather shows he's not just a great guitarist, but a great vocalist as well.  Everyone else is as always, masterful.  }